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Hiroshi Kamiya 1st Live Hareyon→5&6

September 9th, 2015

My morning started very early on the first day. Got up at 4:45AM to take the first train. My friends and I ended up on the same train after a couple transfers and reached Makuhari after 6. We headed to the venue and followed the line to find the end. I swear, it was the first time I had seen this part of Makuhari! I never knew there was a river nearby! The line was so long and it took us at least 5-8 minutes to get to the end. Took the first time yet already there were at least 2000 people in line. >__>; Goods were going to start at 9 but they ended up starting early at 8:30. The line actually went rather quickly. There were lots of registers so it only took about an hour and a half to get into the actual purchasing area, but alas, the cushion sold out first and then as I was already in line at one of the registers, the plush sold out too. =( Luckily they plan on selling all of the goods on the fan club website later. I was afraid that they would only be selling leftovers. Went home after buying goods since I had a few hours before the live would begin. On my way back to the venue, I went with a different friend who drove us there. As we walked towards the venue from the parking lot, I spotted Okiayu Ryoutarou and Terase Kyouko. ^^;; I’m guessing they were on their way backstage since they didn’t go up the escalator like we did.

Inside the venue, my seats for the first day were 4th row on the second floor in the G block, so the first block closest to the stage. It was quite close! Also saw steps going down towards the stage so I knew Kamiya would be coming our way. Our seats were close to the aisle too! =D For the second day I was also in the G block but up on the 3rd floor. It was a little further but the view of the stage was still very good. There was a center stage and a walkway connecting it to the main stage. They had an instrumental version of my diary (New chapter) playing in the background. Cue the excitement when the music stopped and the lights went down.

The live started off with an introduction video. It showed Kamiya through the years and then the music for HA-RE? GO! started. Kamiya appeared from the top stage. He was wearing a shiny silver trench coat outfit. This was the perfect song to start off the live. We all yelled out “Tekito? Tekido!” The next song was Dual Wing. By this time, Kamiya had come down from the top stage. As he began singing the last part of the song after the riff, he suddenly ran off the stage and FLEW!!! He had a wire attached and flew from the main stage to the center stage, and circled the center stage a few times while singing before being lowered down. Whoa!!! No one had expected this! On the second day, I knew what was going to happen so I made sure to look carefully for when the dancer put the hook on him. It was put on during the riff as he was jamming away on his air guitar. I think it’s really interesting how they pull these stunts off.

The next song was Nijiiro Chouchou, and then my diary (New chapter). Between the songs, Kamiya changed jackets while the lights were down. We could still see a bit and people screamed when he took off the trench coat. More screaming as he took off the vest thing that attaches to the wire hook. It went through his legs so to take it off, he had to take it off as if he were taking off a pair of pants. Just those motions were enough to send the audience screaming even louder, LoL. He put on a new black jacket and began singing. Kamiya made his way back to the main stage during the song, and sang For myself next. He hasn’t sung this in a while so it was nice. The choreography was the same as usual. (Meaning adorable!) Finally after this song, Kamiya had his first break.

Kamiya was breathing heavily as he talked. I don’t think anyone imagined that he would start off with 5 straight songs. He welcomed the audience to his first live and explained how he was the “third son” of Kiramune but was behind everyone else in terms of holding a live. After talking for just a few minutes, he exclaimed that it was time for the festival to start and the music for VIVA LA FESTA! began. Male dancers as well as samba dancers complete with huge feathers and all came onto the stage. Kamiya looked like he was having so much fun dancing with the samba dancers. On the second day, he even got up close with one of them and did a chest shake. XDDD The audience sang along with “Ole!” and counting. So much fun! And it was fun seeing Kamiya genuinely having a good time since at KiraFes he would often have a serious face on. Nope, he was all smiles this weekend! Next up was Shall We Circus! and a dancer handed him a top hat. No fancy video on screens this time, but they wheeled out an empty white rectangular box thing. Near the end of the song, Kamiya went inside it and they closed it. The ending music was extended, and at the very end, there was a drum roll and the walls of the box went up in flames! Of course Kamiya was not inside. Immediately the music for Silica Gel began, and the spotlight was in the stands! Kamiya was up on a cart on the second floor and was wheeled around as he sang. You know what that means– He’s going to be going back down to the stage using the steps that were close to my seats! =DDD Sure enough, he went around the venue and down the steps near us. Before he went down the steps he looked back at us too. Wah~! *_*

During the next MC, Kamiya talked about how this year’s summer was really short and rainy, and he was pretty discontent with that. That’s why he wanted to sing some songs that would bring a little bit of summer back. To cool down some, he invited people to visit their past and started singing Mirai no Ashiato which is a slower song. Near the end of the song, he was lowered down the pop-up door at the center of the stage. The instrumental part at the end was extended, and after the song ended, the music for Such a beautiful affair began. I noticed the music sounded a bit different and after a few moments, the staff pulled open the doors next to the stairs between the top and bottom area of the stage. On both sides were live band members!! Duuuuuude!! I didn’t think they would have a live band since they were using karaoke music up until now. So cool though! Kamiya jumped up back onto the stage via the pop-up and some explosives went off as he jumped. SABA was so cool. Of course there was head banging from Kamiya. It always makes me smile. X3 After that Kamiya sang a medley of the cover songs from Hare Rock. The order was JAM packed TRAIN, CONNECT, my life my time, Runaway Train, and Nagareboshi. I think he may have lip synced parts of my life my time, but anyway. ^^;

Kamiya talked about what it was like recording the cover songs, and then went on to talk about the stage. He started picking up feathers dropped by the samba dancers and handed them to the staff. This was a longer MC to allow the audience to take a break, but Kamiya was talking the entire time. It didn’t seem like he was going to get much rest. He talked about the Hare Project and about the Hareyon release event when Hareyon kun sang GLORIOUS TIME. He joked that he would never forget the audience’s surprised reaction when Hareyon kun sang all of GLORIOUS TIME and not just one verse. He also hinted that maybe Hareyon kun may make an appearance later on, but if he does, he’s not going to sing an entire song since that would be too tiring. Also it’d be hard on Hareyon kun movement-wise. (It’s very hard to move inside the suit, which Kamiya has experienced first hand.) After talking for about 10 minutes, Kamiya said that everyone’s probably tired of sitting and went to the next song.

There were cheers when Angel Man began. The screen at the center of the stage was pulled out and in the middle of the song, it projected a silhouette of Hareyon kun behind Kamiya. For the last one or two verses, the Hareyon kun silhouette on the screen mimicked Kamiya’s movements, raising his arms and such. SO CUTE!!! Next up was WALKIN’ WALKIN’! and there was a frame around the monitor that had Hareyon kun’s walking around. At times Kamiya would walk behind the monitor on the stage and on the monitor it showed Hareyon kun walking across, and then Kamiya came out the other side. During the instrumental portion of the song, Kamiya went behind the screen again and out from the other end came Hareyon kun! And he sang!! He sang the last chorus of the song in that cute, high voice of his and walked to the center stage.

After the song, Hareyon kun thanked everyone for coming to see him and explained that this time of the year was when Makuhari and the Hareyon Comet were the closest which is why Hareyon kun could come visit. He then asked if the audience would play with him and wanted us to do the wave. There was first a practice before the main one. It started at my end and went clockwise. For the main one, when it got to the other end, Hareyon kun told them to bring it back and they went back the other way. As the wave was going around the venue, Hareyon kun would turn around in a circle to follow it. It was funny on the second day because the person inside obviously couldn’t see well and was too slow going around on the first one, and then when they were bringing it back, they went too fast. XD At the end, Hareyon kun said let’s go to the next song, and some music started playing, which then faded into the beginning of START AGAIN.

Part of the center stage went up and Hareyon kun went down, then it came back up with Kamiya. Since he was at the center stage, he would sing a verse facing one way and then turn to another part of the audience. There were always little screams coming from the direction he turned to. XD The choreography was the same as in the past. After was Kodoku to Jounetsu no Shouten and Kamiya went back to the main stage. Like at KiraFes, they used fire for this song which would be timed to Kamiya’s hand movements so it looked like he was controlling the flames. You could really feel the heat whenever the flames went up. It must’ve been pretty hot up on stage for Kamiya who was much closer.

There was a short MC part, and Kamiya talked about how most his songs are cheery and how he doesn’t have any ballads so there’s not much time for him to rest. ^^; He then said that it’s the last spurt and called for the crowd to cheer until the end. He sang Ichiban Boshi and went back to the center stage. During the song, you could see one of the dancers unzip the back of his outfit a bit and put the hook back on. My friend and I looked at each other like, “He’s going to fly again!?” And indeed he did! This time he just flew around in a circle at the center stage but it was still pretty exciting. Like I said earlier, it’s interesting to see how they do these things. The dancer would give Kamiya a couple pats on the shoulder to signal to him when they’ve finished putting the hook on or taking it off. The next song was GLORIOUS TIME and Kamiya rode around the arena area in a cart. I have a strong suspicion that he lip synced most of the song on the second day, and only actually sang the chorus. Usually when he sings this song, he isn’t quite able to hit the highs and lows like on the CD track but on the second day they were perfect, so yeah. ^^; Well, not that I nor anyone else really cared. We were too busy following him around the arena and waving when he came close. Next was Neverland Glitter, which is my favorite track on Haregou. Love this song!

The next song would be the last before the encore. On the second day, Kamiya explained that he unfortunately doesn’t know the name of everyone in the audience, but he’s really fortunate that everyone knows his name. He looked as if he was getting a little emotional. Of course we in the audience were really moved by his words too, and there were some people around me who were quietly wiping away tears. I’m not really the type to cry but it was definitely emotional, and it reminded me how much I respect this guy. The last song was, of course, Zeitaku na Jikan. The lyrics of this song are so good! It’s the quality we expect from Tadano Natsuki. Her lyrics are always so pretty. Kamiya exited through the center of the main stage and continued to wave until the doors fully closed.

The audience was divided between chanting “Hiroshi” and “encore.” The first song for the encore was Dolce misto and Kamiya appeared from the top of the stage sitting down on a lighted gondola-like thing that was lifted up in the air. He was strapped in at the waist and had to hold onto a strap with his right hand so he wasn’t able to do that circular motion with his hand close to his head like at KiraFes, until the last verse when he was put back down onto the stage. On the first day you could see his right hand really shaking as he held onto the strap. It was more stable on the second day, but you always kind of worry for him whenever he’s up in the air. ^^; Next was One sky,One way and he introduced the dancers and band members in between. After some announcements about the reading live and thanking the staff and audience for supporting him, the last song was Harenochi Hajimari no Hi which he sang at the center stage. I thought it was the perfect song to end the live with.

The live ended there on the first day with Kamiya being lowered down at the top of the stage, but on the second day, Kamiya was still at the bottom of the stage and was all, “I was supposed to leave the stage but I forgot to! What do I do? What I do? Well, since I’m still here, why don’t I sing another song?” There was a roar from the crowd which grew even louder when Kamiya began singing Harebare Heart! Sooooooo happy since the only time he ever sung this live was at Harezora Party three years ago! We were finally given another opportunity to yell out, “Viva hare otoko desu!” While Harenochi Hajimari no Hi was a great song to end the live on, it was much more fun to end with an upbeat song. After the song, Kamiya bowed to the crowd with the dancers and band members. He also yelled out “thank you very much for coming” to the crowd without using a mic. I love it when they do that. Kamiya went around the venue waving to the audience and thanking them. The live finished for real after this. As usual, Kamiya exited the stage blowing kisses to the crowd, and threw the last one into the audience. XD

No new announcements, alas, but at least we didn’t get any announcement about Kamiya quitting singing either, LoL. This was such an amazing live. I don’t think anyone expected him to do all the things he did. Just wow. I think it’s safe to say that everyone went home satisfied. There was no official announcement, but I’m fairly certain that this will get a DVD release. Lantis/Bandai would be kind of crazy not to release it, right? Haha. There were crane cameras on the second day and these types of cameras are usually only used when recording for a DVD. They wouldn’t be used just for just a live viewing, so I think our chances are good. It probably wouldn’t come out until next year though so we’ve got a bit of waiting ahead of us.

Anyway, amazing live. There are no other words to describe it. You can tell that Kamiya still has some work to do when singing live since he doesn’t hit the notes perfectly, but I admire his effort and desire to entertain the audience. He looked like he was having so much fun and was all smiles the entire time. The live was about 2 and half hours on the first day and three hours on the second day. It was only him on stage the whole time so he didn’t have much time to rest since during the MC he has to talk, and then he’s singing the rest of the way. He was often out of breath when talking. God knows how tiring it must’ve been for him. I’ve got so much respect for Kamiya and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him both in his voice acting and singing careers.


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