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DGS Hibiki vol.1 and SYLPH vol.6 review

April 13th, 2009


Hibiki vol.1

Hibiki vol.1

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki vol.1. The first volume of Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki includes the first two chapters of the comic, a bunch of 4koma comics, a novel written by Suwa sensei, as well as Hato sensei’s DGS report manga, a photo comic, and goods catalog.

The first chapter was first published in the DGS Fanbook. HiroC and OnoD are given a mission to make-over a yankee girl so she can have the courage to confess to Narazuka senpai, the student body president. In the second chapter, a girl named Yuki loves playing guitar and wants to become a music artist but her mother doesn’t consent to it. HiroC and OnoD help her take steps to realize her dream.

The 4koma shorts are based on material from the radio show, and I have yet to read the novel or Hato sensei’s report manga.

The photo comic has photos from DGS recordings related to how the comic and novel projects came about with dialogue bubbles. Lastly, the goods catalog is just that, a showcase of the DGS goods produced.

Overall, this is a must-have for all DGS fans. The manga is really funny and Iwasaki sensei’s illustrations are adorable! Since the 4koma comics are based on material from the radio show, anyone who doesn’t listen to DGS probably wouldn’t get it but if you do, it’s quite hilarious. The obi is pretty cute with messages from Kamiya and Ono. Kamiya: “Ono kun said something good!” Ono: “Already a best seller!” What’s funny about it is that Kamiya wrote his message before Ono, haha.


SYLPH vol.6 + DGS Digest Book. SYLPH vol.6 includes the third chapter of the Hibiki comic, a couple 4komas, and a DGS Digest Book.

SYLPH vol.6

SYLPH vol.6

In the third installment of the manga, a Dear Boy appears! Enter SeiG (Seiji), an elementary schooler determined to replace OnoD on DGS!! Why? Because he believes he’s more interesting and can do a better job. SeiG starts coming on weekends to Hibiki, which drives OnoD crazy. But why did Tera Ikemen Shireikan send SeiG to Hibiki when their organization only helps dear girls? To find out, HiroC and OnoD follow the GPS tracking device they planted on SeiG (the DGS wristband). HiroC learns SeiG’s secret from the lady who runs the flower shop SeiG often visits. We’ll have to wait to find out what the secret is in the next chapter.

SYLPH vol.6 comes with a bonus Dear Girl ~Stories~ Digest Book booklet. It includes summaries of the first 100 shows, some Q&A with the staff members, and a photo gallery

Digest Book

Digest Book

at the end. The booklet is mostly black and white and only the photo gallery is in color. The book helps you relive some of the memorable DGS moments and it’s a lot of fun reading it. The summaries are quite thorough, including some dialogue from the show as well as the contents of all the corners of the particular show.

The photo gallery has photos from most of the DGS recordings as well as event photos. This was the first time I saw what Suwa san looked like and WHOA! They weren’t kidding when they said he’s ikemen (good-looking)! Chanko Chanko chan is cute in his own way too.

If want the digest book, I’d suggest buying SYLPH vol.6 ASAP since once it’s sold out, you’ll only be able to get it second-hand and you know people will jack up the price like crazy.


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