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OnoD Birthday Project 2015

April 19th, 2015
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It totally slipped my mind that OnoD’s birthday was coming up so please forgive me for putting this up late. I hope we can have a lot of participants nonetheless!

Project Summary
Send fan letters to Ono Daisuke to celebrate his birthday. Letters for Kamiya will also be accepted. All letters will be shipped together to Bunka Housou.

What is Allowed

All letters must be received by APRIL 30, 2015.

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January 28

January 28th, 2015
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Thank you to all who participated in the project to send Kamiya heart messages! They were shipped and delivered on Monday. The goal was to get 40 messages but we ended up with 50! I’m sure Kamiya will enjoy reading all the messages and letters. ^^

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Kamiya Hiroshi 40th Birthday Project

December 28th, 2014
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In 2015, Kamiya will be turning 40 years old. Let’s celebrate!!

Project Summary
Send Kamiya birthday letters and also short messages on paper folded in the shape of a heart. The goal is to get 40 messages.

What is Allowed
Letters and short messages

Everything must be received by January 23, 2015. Read more…


DGS 400 Project — Thanks!

December 2nd, 2014
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the DGS 400 project! We sent them 24 cans of Dr. Pepper, snacks from around the world, and letters and drawings. The package was delivered at Bunka Housou on November 27th. Here’s to hoping all the staff, including Kamiya and OnoD, enjoy all the goodies! ^^

There were a couple or so entries that didn’t arrive in time so I wasn’t able to include them this time around, but I will be sending them in for Christmas. Please get started on your Christmas letters!


DGS #400 Project

November 3rd, 2014
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The 400th episode of DGS is fast approaching! #400 should be airing on December 6. Let’s celebrate and tell the boys how much we love them and their antics when they hit this milestone! This past week’s episode was already #395 so I apologize for organizing this so late. I hope many people will be able to participate!

Project Summary
Send drawings of our favorite DGS memories along with letters and snacks.

What is Allowed
Drawings on a sign board (shikishi/色紙), letters, and snacks from your country.

All submissions must be received by November 23. Again, I’m sorry for organizing this late. Since DGS is recorded two episodes at a time, with my calculation, the 400th episode will be recorded as the second episode on the week of November 23-29 so I’d have to send in the stuff before they record the episode. Read more…