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Kamiya Hiroshi 40th Birthday Project

December 28th, 2014

In 2015, Kamiya will be turning 40 years old. Let’s celebrate!!

Project Summary
Send Kamiya birthday letters and also short messages on paper folded in the shape of a heart. The goal is to get 40 messages.

What is Allowed
Letters and short messages

Everything must be received by January 23, 2015.


  • Short messages should be written on colored (preferably) origami paper about 75 x 75 mm (~3 x 3 inches) in size.
    Please write your message so that when it is folded, the message is on the inside. If you do not know how fold a paper heart, please check this page.
  • Short message contents can include but are not limited to one-line phrases of support, what makes Kamiya special to you, etc.
    Please keep the messages short (one or two sentences). If you want to write something longer, please write a letter.
  • Paper hearts can be decorated on the outside if you wish.
    Feel free to draw on it, etc. You can use any color origami paper, as long as it’s not too hard to read the message.
  • Multiple heart messages will be accepted!
    The goal here is to get 40 messages, but I think it will be hard to get 40 different people.
  • Letters for both Kamiya and OnoD will be accepted, but heart messages will only be accepted for Kamiya.
  • Please try to handwrite all letters.
    Keep in mind that Kamiya and OnoD only understand Japanese, and perhaps some simple English. Feel free to write in the language you are most comfortable with though since it’s the thought that counts!
  • Do not write anything too personal or anything that can be considered inappropriate.


  • Submissions will be accepted via postal mail only (no email).
  • All letters should be sealed in an envelope and mailed within a larger envelope.
  • Write your name (nickname is OK) and country on the envelope with the letter inside.
    Please do not include your address, except on the outer envelope you are mailing everything in.
  • Write your name (nickname is OK) and country on the back of the heart.
  • Please write your email address under your return address so I can let you know when I’ve received your submission.
    This should only be written on the outer envelope, not on the envelope that has your letter inside.
  • Clearly mark on all letter envelopes who the letter is addressed to.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below. I will respond with my address for you to mail everything. Please help spread the word about this project! Tell your friends, write on forums, Twitter, etc.! Thanks!


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