It can be hard to follow or fully appreciate DGS if you are not familiar with the terms and people often mentioned on the show. Here is a small dictionary to help with your listening pleasure. It will be updated as more terms crop up.

Aki no Yonaga
Correctly written as 秋の夜長 (long autumn nights), it was “mistaken” as 秋の代永 (Autumn Yonaga). During this time, seiyuu Yonaga Tsubasa gets called on the phone by Kamiya and Ono and is forced to do things such as tell pun jokes, etc.

Popular PS2 dating sim produced by Enterbrain. Kamiya was playing it and then let Ono borrow it. Official site can be found here.

Ono’s older brother, Yuushin. He is a veterinarian at Puer Animal Clinic. His clinic used to be Kawasaki AX Animal Hospital in Kanagawa before he moved and opened a new one in Tokyo.

Black Thunder
Chocolate-covered cookie snack manufactured by Yuraku Seika. Kamiya and Ono are big fans of the snack and often talked about it on the show. On DGS #120, Yuuraku sent them a box of Black Thunder as thanks. They are now working in collaboration with Yuraku to produce Dear Girl Sanda.

Bunka Housou Extend
UchiP’s company where he is president. The official website is here.

Buryoku kainyuu
Forceful entry. When DGS invades other shows.

Image (statue) of Buddha. One of Ono’s hobbies is butsuzou appreciation.

Short for Charin Charin Project, it’s the show’s project to make some small change. “Charin charin” is the sound of money, similar to “ka-ching” in English. “ChariPuro” is also sometimes used. CCP has now turned into TTP (Ton Ton Project) due to the debt they’ve racked up.

Chanko Chanko chan
DGS’ exclusive chubby. Weighing in at 150kg (~330lbs), he is always seen in public wearing overalls. His real identity is Kobayashi Youhei, housou sakka (broadcast writer) graduate from A&G Academy. His message on the A&G Academy website can be read here.

Chin Bell
Desktop call bell used to solve mangakas’ problems. Also has other uses.
eg. If a mangaka can’t finish their work, a ring of the bell will make them enthusiastic to finish.

DG5 get-together at the beginning of the year. Play on the word “shinnenkai” (new year’s party).

Grown men acting as if they were in junior high. When DGS visited Kamiya’s house for his birthday, Ono asked Kamiya if he was a chuu ni (second year middle schooler) because of all the games and figures in his room.

Originally short for “chotto kimochi warui (just a little gross),” it’s also an abbreviation for “chikubi kakuretenai (nipples aren’t hidden)” and mostly commonly “chikubi ga konnichiwa (say hello to nipples).”

Dear Boy
Male fans of the show.

“Unit” made up of Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke, Sugita Tomokazu, Nakamura Yuuichi, and Yasumoto Hiroki. The cats in the DGS Hibiki comic are named after the latter three. eg. Tomo, Kazu, Yuu, Kyan, An, Gen. (Yuukyan/Youkyan and Angen are Nakamura and Yasumoto’s nicknames, respectively.) One of the cats is also named Taitem, after Kusunoki Taiten who wants to make the unit DG6. For now with him in the group, it’s DG5 + 1.

Do M
Ono Daisuke.

Do S Kousei Sakka
Literally “sadistic composition writer,” this refers to the show’s writer, Suwa Masaru.

Down Rangers
Sort of like Power Rangers but with hooded down vests zipped all the way up, covering the face. Down Orange: Kamiya Hiroshi, Down Blue: Ono Daisuke, Down Red: Yoshino Hiroyuki

Coming from “doya” (“dou da“/”how’s that?” in the Kansai dialect) and “kao (face),” it is the act of having a triumphant/smug look on one’s face after having done something (possibly) worthy of praise.

Durian Field
Version 1.0 – Umbrella with clear plastic draped over it to keep the smell of durian from leaking out. (It didn’t work.)
Version 2.0 – Large clear plastic bubble to keep the smell of durian from leaking out. (An improvement over Ver 1.0 and cost muuuuuuuch more.)

Refers to the durian incident in DGS #23. Many Evangelion references were used during the show.

Durian Studio. Location of where Duriangelion took place. (Somewhere on the roof of Bunka Housou.)

Dwango Takeuchi
Takeuchi Akihiro, also known as TakeP, is a chief producer at Dwango User Entertainment and is in charge of all the DGS music.

AnimeloMix. Kamiya and Ono often purposefully read the instructions on how to access the AnimeloMix mobile website incorrectly. Other examples include excess (access), catagory (category), manu list (menu list), repart (report), etc.

Character from FujiTV’s popular childen’s show Hirake! Ponkikki. He is a 5-year-old green dinosaur who never ages and is often accompanied by his red Yeti friend, Mukku. In DGS #106, Kamiya lost at Jan Ken Pon and was forced to wear a Gachapin outfit out in public to give Peko sensei courage to wear her Gachapin costume outside her room. Gachapin’s blog can be found here and he is also on Twitter.

Gundam models. Kamiya and Ono, but especially Kamiya, are big fans of Gunpla. Ono bought a 1/100 Master Grade Unicorn Gundam model for Kamiya’s birthday.

Haman Karn
Character from Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta who was guest (in mannequin form) for Kamiya’s 2010 birthday celebration. She made another appearance at the Dear Boy Matsuri event. Voiced by Sakakibara Yoshiko.

One of Ono Daisuke’s nicknames.

Hangaku pan
Half-priced bread. Kamiya often buys half-priced bread at GIO Cafe and shares them with the staff. Suwa san is happy to eat it but Ono is not so much… The price of bread is reduced near the end of the day when the store needs to get rid of it.

Mangaka Okachimachi Hato. Author of Fujoshi ssu! published in SYLPH. She also writes the DGS report manga.

Kamiya’s “daughter” whom Ono wants to date. Kamiya says he will not give his daughter to Ono.

Iwasaki Daisuke, director for NDS Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki – Hibiki Tokkun Daisakusen!. He is also director for the popular Vitamin series games.

Kamiya Studio, ie. Kamiya’s house.

Kazappana kun
“Talking” CD case of Ono’s first full album, Kazahana. CV: Kamiya Hiroshi

French employee at Bunka Housou Extend. He is the third employee of the company and is in charge of the official Facebook page.

Written as 来夢来人 (raimuraito) in Japanese. Ono Daisuke’s pen name.

Love Plus
Dating sim game for Nintendo DS produced by Konami. Both Kamiya and Ono play it. Kamiya is dating the character Nene whereas Ono is trying to get with the character Manaka. Character information can be found here.

Ono Daisuke’s mother. PapaD (father), AniD (elder brother), and ObaD (aunt) are also sometimes mentioned.

Mecha HiroC
Chaku voice messages for cellphones by Kamiya available on AnimeloMix.

Mecha OnoD
Chaku voice messages for cellphones by Ono available on AnimeloMix.

Men’s Maid
Men dressed as maids.

Men’s Maid Kissa
Literally Men’s Maid Cafe.

Monster Hunter
AKA MonHan. Popular PSP game by Capcom. Many seiyuu are into this game, including Kamiya and Ono.

From Ono Daisuke’s first mini album, Hinemosu. Subsequent CDs released by Ono had alternate titles, eg. Amamosu (Amaoto), Kinmosusei (Kinmokusei). “Mosu” has become Ono’s greeting, similar to Hoshi Souichirou’s “pappi.” He often uses it in words, such as “konbanmosu” (konbanwa/good evening) and “arigatou gozaimosu” (arigatou gozaimasu/thank you very much).

Short for “mosu response.” Refers to the response Ono gets when he yells out “Mosu!” to an audience. (They yell “Mosu!” back.)

Short for Mote Studio, a room for a guy to become popular with girls. In DGS #95, Mote*Sta was prepared for Kamiya since he’s always saying how unpopular he is with girls.

Mottekite no Uta
Song Ono makes up on the spot to help sell SYLPH magazines. Often starts with “Mottekite~ Mottekite~ SYLPH wo motte kite~ (Bring it~ Bring it~ Bring the SYLPH~)”

Namaste senpai
Yoga teacher from India introduced in DGS #132. For some reason he only ever shows up when Kamiya is out looking for him.

Nekoningen Sensei
Suwa Masaru’s pen name. With the sensei suffix, it becomes Nekoningen Sensei sensei.

A phrase coined by HiroC meaning “nice self-confidence.”
eg. Iwasaki Saya sensei drawing a DGS illustration without being asked and expecting it to be used for something, NDS DGS Hibiki game being released on the same day as Final Fantasy XIII, etc.

Nyanko Sensei
The name of Kamiya’s Russian blue cat, often referred to simply as “Nyaa san.” Coincidentally also the name of Natsume Takashi’s partner in the series Natsume Yuujinchou. Natsume is voiced by Kamiya and Nyanko Sensei by Inoue Kazuhiko. On DGS, Nyanko Sensei is voiced by Sugita Tomokazu.

Seiyuu Onosaya Masaya. Was guest on DGS #113-114 and also co-hosts Osha5 with Kamiya. Seems to want to voice SeiG in the next drama CD (if there is one).

Ono Note
Fictional notebook similar to a Death Note where Ono writes things in and later they come true. Ono has a knack for saying things jokingly that later become reality, eg. DGS comic, drama CD, game, Dear Girl Sunder, etc.

Ono Soutou
Ono dressed up as wrestler Takada Soutou of Hustle. Literally Supreme Ruler Ono.

When a seiyuu is at their most popular state. Kamiya jokes that he’s finally made it to his peak and now his popularity will go downhill very fast, hence the design of his Now Peak! tshirt for CCP 2009.

Bite-sized chocolate-covered ice cream. They come 6 in a pack and some boxes come with a star-shaped Pino known as a “negai no Pino” (Wish Pino). DGS proved that a negai no Pino comes once in every ten boxes. (The tenth box contained the star-shaped Pino.)

Ono revisiting past material from the show to “bridge” the gap for newer fans who may not understand the terms they always throw around in the show. (DGS #108) Originally the title of Animelo Summer Live 2009.

Mangaka Iwasaki Saya. Illustrator of the Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki comic.

Birthday. Chaos ensues on Kamiya and Ono’s birthdays.

Visual. Even though DGS is a radio show, Kamiya and Ono continuously do things where you can’t tell what’s going on just based on the sounds and noises. DGS public recordings are especially shikakuteki.

Leg hair. Ono often shaves his legs for DGS events (even if what he wears doesn’t show them) because he thinks his legs are sexy.

Tachi shabu-shabu
Literally standing hotpot. Boiling thinly-sliced meat and eating it while standing over the stove in the kitchen. Shabu-shabu is usually made and eaten at a table but Kamiya does it while standing in the kitchen.

Seiyuu Kusunoki Taiten. Known for his love of tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen. He actually listens to DGS on his own. When dressed as a maid, he is known as Temuko.

Kamiya’s manager at Aoni Production, often referred to as “heisha Takeuchi” (Takeuchi from my company (humble)).

Tam Tam
Former epresentative from Dwango. She is one of the few female staff members on the show and currently works for Bunka House Extend. She used to update the DGS mobile website and selected many of the the Dear Voice clips.

Tanoshii no ga seigi
Phrase made up by Kamiya meaning “fun is justice.” Excuse for the randomness that often takes place during the show.

Repeating a gag. Comes from the Japanese meal of rice served with shrimp tempura on top. Tendon is always served with two shrimp tempura.
eg. Kamiya dressing up as “Gachapin Soutou” for Ono’s birthday. Ono had previously dressed up as Ono Soutou for Kamiya’s birthday.

Jumpsuit. Refers to the jumpsuits worn by HiroC and OnoD in the DGS Hibiki comic. The jumpsuits were created for Kamiya and Ono to cosplay their characters at the public recording at CharaHobby 2008. The two jumpsuits together cost a total of 300,000 yen (~$3000) to make.

Kamiya Hiroshi.

Monthly comic magazine in which Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki is printed.

Producer Uchida. Producer of the show, known for his height. He’s rumored to be 3m (~9.8 feet) and while not actually that tall, he is very tall. Most often be found with a video camera in his hands, filming the show.

Ukkari OnoD
(Purposefully) forgetful Ono Daisuke. The reason why Kamiya’s birthday celebration always takes two shows.

Kamiya’s hometown and where Ono’s 2010 birthday celebration took place. Ushiku is home to the Ushiku Daibutsu, one of the largest statues in the world.

A brand of mineral water. During Duriangelion (DGS #23), Kamiya yelled out, “Sono Vittel wo ore ni kure! (Give me that Vittel!)” because he wanted to wash out the taste of durian from his mouth. Official website can be found here.

Short for waki ase (armpit sweat). Ono is known for sweating a lot, especially on his underarms.

Yagihashi kun
Yagihashi Jun, an A&G Academy graduate and Bunka Housou staff known for his smelly socks. He is in charge of taking photos for the mobile website.

Seiyuu Yonaga Tsubasa in a kappa suit. Made his debut during Ono’s 2010 birthday celebration in Ushiku. Lake Ushiku is said to be the birthplace of kappa.

Yonaga Tsubasa
Seiyuu who is annually called during Aki no Yonaga (see above) and is known as Yonagappa when dressed as a kappa. Because of this show, “Kappa” has become one of his nicknames even outside of DGS.