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Ukkari juuban!

May 15th, 2009


Hibiki vol.1

Hibiki vol.1

The DGS Hibiki comic was so popular that they had to reiprint it! Ukkari juuban! (Careless second printing) OnoD says it wasn’t ukkari (careless), though, and that they’re reprinting it because it sold well.

The reprint contains a different obi that will only be available until the end of May. Rare obi! Obis usually don’t change because it costs more money to print a different one, but we all know how DGS tends to use its budget, hehe. On the first obi, HiroC wrote, “Ono kun said something good!” and OnoD wrote, “Already a best seller!” On the new obi, HiroC wrote, “Ono kun said something good again!” and OnoD’s response (even though he wrote his comment before HiroC) was, “Already a second printing!”

…Yes, the only difference between these two are the obis.


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