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HiroC @ CharaHobby

July 17th, 2009

Kamiya Hiroshi will be appearing in a few events at CharaHobby. To participate in the Kiramune special stage, a ticket that will be bundled with Kiramune goukaban CDs will be required. The CDs bundled with stage tickets will be on sale starting 7/21 at 18:30 JST. 400 people will be admitted to the stage seating area. (You can still watch from outside.) There are four CDs that will come with a ticket (100 available for each):

The stage will be held on August 30 at 13:00. If you are able to put in an order, the CD and stage ticket will arrive 8/13 for CONNECT and Soleil, and 8/26 for Hare no Hi.

Kamiya will also be having a handshake event on both days of CharaHobby to commemorate the release of his mini album. As with the Kiramune special stage, tickets will be required to participate, and the tickets will be bundled with the goukaban of Hare no Hi. Each session will be limited to 300 people.

The CD and ticket will arrive 8/26. Please note that .ANIME tokutens will not be included with any of these CDs.

There are special tokutens for Kiramune label CDs and Bandai Visual BDs and DVDs planned for at-booth sales at CharaHobby. All the information can be found at .ANIME’s event page over here.


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