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CCP 2009 Goods

July 25th, 2009

SYLPH Vol.8 includes a list of DGS goods that will be sold at CharaHobby in addition to the tshirts and goods previously announced on DGS 119.

– DGS Hibiki Goods Set (3000 yen)
Includes A3-sized desk mat, cosmetic pouch, mini pouch, and A4-sized clear file set (2 files in the set), all in a DGS bag.

– DGS Hibiki Tera Sensu (1000 yen)
Folding fan like the one Teraikemen Shireikan uses in the Hibiki manga. The text on it reads “Megane tte yo ni habakaru” ([eye] glasses have great influence on the world).

– DGS Hibiki Earphone Accessory (1500 yen)
Accessorize your earphones with the Hibiki logo.

– DGS Hibiki Mobile Cleaner (500 yen)
Use it to clean the screen of your cell phone.

This issue of SYLPH also has a mail order form to buy a Tomo black cat cushion. It measures 15x22x34 cm and costs 2500 yen plus 500 yen shipping. The furoku for Vol.8 is a preview book for the DGS Hibiki NDS game that includes character designs and interviews.

The SYLPH Editors’ Blog has been updated with photos of samples of the DGS Hibiki goods set and Tomo cushion. Future updates will introduce more of the goods that will be sold at CharaHobby.


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