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Hare no Hi + event news

September 5th, 2009
Weekly Album 9/7

Weekly Album 9/7

Kamiya Hiroshi’s first mini album Hare no Hi ranked in at #9 on the Oricon weekly chart for the week of 2009/09/07. This is quite a feat. Congratulations, HiroC!

And now for some news… There were a couple event announcements at CharaHobby this past weekend.

  • Another DGS public recording to be held at Dengeki Character Festival 2009
    2009/10/03 @ 17:00, Makuhari Messe Hall 9. Deadline to apply is 9/9. 300 seats are available.
    HiroC and OnoD will also be attending the Durarara!! stage along with Toyonaga Toshiyuki and Fukuyama Jun at main stage M-3 on 10/3 at 14:00~10:40. There is also an autograph event with DGS’s Iwasaki Saya sensei and kousei sakka Suwa Masaru on 10/4 at 13:00 in E-6. The deadline to apply has already passed.
  • Kiramune Music Festival featuring CONNECT, Irino Miyu, and Kamiya Hiroshi
    2009/11/29 @ 17:30, NHK Hall. Deadline to apply for the advanced ticket lottery is 9/7. General sale begins 10/31.

DGS Hibiki merchandise that was sold at CharaHobby will be sold via the Chou! A&G Shop, Animate, and Dengekiya. Goods to be sold include:

DGS Goods

DGS Goods

  • Kamiya Hiroshi produce now peak tshirt (Sizes Jr. L, S, M/2500 yen)
  • Ono Daisuke produce wkas tshirt (Sizes Jr. L, S, M/2500 yen)
  • Do S Kousei Sakka produce DG5 tshirt (Sizes Jr. L, S, M/2500 yen)
  • Kamiya Hiroshi produce Kamiya Hiroshi no Hatsukoi no Aji Candy (1000 yen)
  • Ono Daisuke produce wkas keitai strap (1500 yen)
  • Do S Kousei Sakka produce Do S nabeshiki (1500 yen)

The goods will go on sale 9/23 at Animate and Dengekiya. No word yet on when they will be on sale at Chou! A&G Shop.

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