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Kinmokusei ranking + review

September 10th, 2009
Daily Single 9/9

Daily Single 9/9

OnoD’s Kinmokusei single moved up on Oricon’s daily single ranking. For September 9, 2009, it is ranked #5. At this rate, it just might show up in the top 10 of the weekly single chart!

My copy of Kinmokusei just arrived today so here is a short review.

I got the first press, which comes with a 12-page special booklet. The lyrics are written on a separate sheet not attached to the booklet. The booklet is nice but personally I don’t think these are the best photos of OnoD. He’s a little hit or miss sometimes when it comes to photos and I think the photos here are somewhere in between. I absolutely laughed when I saw the photo on page 9. It’s just… yeah… If you’ve seen it, I think you know what I mean. It’s rather CK, haha. I can’t help but chuckle when I look at it. The back of the obi has a photo of a crosswalk scene with OnoD at the other end. I thought that was pretty nice touch since most of the time the back of obis are blank.

As for the songs, I LOVE THEM!! Kinmokusei has a really catchy melody and as usual, OnoD’s singing is great. I reeeeeeeally like the second song, Tori no Yume. It’s very otona ppoi



(adult-like), similar to Real no Nai Sekai on Kazahana.

There is a PV for Kinmokusei and you can watch part of it at the beginning of AniSon Plus #60 (2009/09/07). The PV is pretty cool so I hope it will be released on DVD sometime. Perhaps when OnoD’s second album comes out? (The PV for Manatsu no Spica, which was originally only streamed via mobile, was included on the DVD for Kazahana.)


Here is an interview with OnoD regarding the upcoming Lantis Matsuri.

In other news, guess who got lucky and scored tickets via lottery for Kiramune Music Festival! 😀 Now I just need to somehow get to Japan in November…

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