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NDS site updated, Kiramune staff blog

October 30th, 2009

The DGS Hibiki NDS game website has been updated with a new wallpaper, tokuten information, and a blog.

The first wallpaper with Tomo will be available until November 5th and a new wallpaper will be added November 6th.

Four shops have special bonuses when ordering. At Animate, the limited edition includes an original drama CD “Ohime sama no Koi” and letter set, and the regular edition only has the drama CD. The limited edition at Messe Sanoh comes with an original drama CD “Nyanko ga Kowai!” and eco bag. The regular edition comes with just the drama CD. You can also buy the game without the tokutens and the price will be a little cheaper. Sofmap’s limited edition comes with an original drama CD titled “Ghost Hunter DGS!?” The regular edition does not come with anything. Lastly, at Imagine, the “Magical Pack” includes a tosho card. The Magical Pack is only available with the limited edition.

A blog has been established for the game. The first entry contains the package illustration for the regular edition.

In other news, the Kiramune staff blog has been updated and includes a couple photos of Kamiya. Chuuni ka!! LoL.

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