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SYLPH Announcement

January 22nd, 2011
SYLPH 2011/03 Announcement

SYLPH 2011/03

A huge announcement was published in this month’s SYLPH (released 1/22).

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Birthday Disc 2010 Kamiya Hiroshi Seitansai Radio CD will be released February 24. A tokuten DVD will be included which includes

SYLPH 2011/03 Furoku


Dear Girl ~Stories~ THE MOVIE on it! The two-disc set will retail for 4700 yen. Pre-orders open tomorrow, January 23.

This month’s issue of SYLPH does not include a chapter of DGS Hibiki but came with a DGS Hibiki shitajiki (pencil board). April and May’s issues will both include DGS Hibiki furoku. April’s issue will come with body painting stickers of DGS logos and such, and May’s will include an uchiwa (fan).

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