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DGS 267

May 20th, 2012

On tonight’s DGS, they read on air a letter that was sent as part of the OnoD Birthday Project! The lucky fan was Shana of British Columbia, Canada. Congratulations!

Thank you again to all the participants! I’m very happy to be able to help act as a bridge between overseas fans and the seiyuu we love. You can bet that there will be more projects to come and I hope they’ll be just as successful as this one!

Here is a translation of the portion of tonight’s show where they read the letter. A couple lines were skipped because I couldn’t make out what was being said, but it should still suffice.

C: And continuing on… From British… Canada?
D: Eh? British? Canada?
C: A letter from Canada.
D: Ehh?
C: From Shana K_____-san.
D: Really? Like air mail?
C: To Ono-sama. Happy birthday!
D: Thank you!
C: Congratulations on being… in… a seiyuu for 10 years. I hope to enjoy… as… you… fa–*censor*
D: Wait wait wait, that wasn’t written!
C: Hm? What?
D: Right now you just said fa–
C: Fat!
D: No no! No no no no no!
C: Oh, was I wrong?
“For at that 10 years.”
D: I have no idea what you’re trying to say.
C: You are amazing!
D: Oh, amazing! Amazing!
C: Thank you!
D: Thank you thank you!
C: You are crazy.
D: Wait wait, it doesn’t say crazy! It says amazing but–
C: Amazing and crazy!
D: Amazing and crazy!
C: In a good way.
D: In a good way. OK OK
Thank you very much.
C: That’s it.
D: You’re taking too many liberties.
C: Hm?
D: “A seiyuu for…” Oh, “Being a seiyuu,” so they mean as a seiyuu…
C: They’re basically saying “congratulations on your 10th anniversary,” right?
D: *laughs* See, you do know what it means!
C: And something along the lines of “good luck for the next 10 years.”
D: Yes, yes. Like, “I’m sending my congratulations to you for being a seiyuu for 10 years.”
C: That’s very nice of them.
You’ve got fans overseas too.
D: Yes. I’m really happy about it.
This is a letter from Canada. A love letter from Canada!
C: Well I’m not sure there’s “love.”
D: No, there’s definitely love.
“You are amazing!”
C: And crazy!


C: But wow, who’d think that this show would come to the point where we’d receive letters from overseas.
D: I’m very thankful.
C: Thoughts of “Happy Birthday” for you are coming not only from within Japan but also from around the world.
D: This year I’ve really received a lot of birthday wishes from fans from overseas, of course from fans in Japan too, but also from people within the industry and the people I’ve been working with such as directors, and others.
C: Wow…
D: Man this year is… How can I describe it?
C: It’s totally different from what I’ve heard.
D: What do you mean?
C: If we listened to what you were saying earlier, it sounded like no one was celebrating for you.
D: I didn’t say that! I said I didn’t get any mails from female seiyuus!
C: But you did end up getting some, didn’t you?
D: I’m very grateful. It’s thanks to everyone that I’ve made it this far.
C: Well then, how about giving Shana K_____-san your thanks, in English.
D: *deep breath* Oh, Shana.. Shana K_____? How do you do? I’m Daisuke Ono. Pardon? How… How… How many… How many ii kanji (good feeling)?
C: We continue to look forward to everyone’s letters!
D: How many? How much? How much?

(Shana’s last name left out by request.)

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