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Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hizuki

August 26th, 2012

It was announced on this week’s DGS (#281) that starting in the fall, a new DGS comic will be published in SYLPH! The title will be Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hizuki (written as 緋月 in Japanese, meaning “scarlet moon”) and the story will take place in Europe. The main characters will still be HiroC and OnoD but instead of being seiyuu, the two will be vampires! Similar to Hibiki, the story will be written by Suwa san but the illustrations will be done by Hidou Ren sensei, the manga artist of MIYAKO, which is currently being published in SYLPH.

According to the SYLPH Twitter, the visuals for HiroC and OnoD as vampires will be published in the November issue of SYLPH (to be released September 22).


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