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Kamiya Hiroshi Birthday 2013/DGSFCM Project

December 1st, 2012

It’s December and time to think about two things: Kamiya’s birthday in January and the Budoukan event in February!

The premise
Send fan letters and/or fan art to Kamiya Hiroshi to wish him a happy birthday, or to either Kamiya and/or Ono Daisuke for the DGS Festival Carnival Matsuri event. Birthday letters/art will be sent to Bunka Housou, and letters/art for the Budoukan event will be put in the present box at the event venue.

What is allowed
Letters and art only. Sorry, no presents. Art for OnoD will only be accepted for the DGSFCM Project.

All submissions must be received by JANUARY 21, 2013 for Kamiya’s birthday, and FEBRUARY 16, 2013 for DGSFCM.


  • Please HANDWRITE letters, if possible.
  • Kamiya and OnoD only understand Japanese, and possibly some simple English.
    It is recommended that letters be written in Japanese, but letters in any language will be accepted so feel free to write in whatever language you feel most comfortable. It’s the thought that counts!
  • Do not write anything that could be considered rude or too personal.
    ie. No marriage proposals.
  • Please draw art on paper no larger than A4/letter size (21 x 29.7 cm/8.5 x 11 in).
  • Keep all art PG.
    Any fan art that I consider inappropriate, such as those with BL tones, will not be accepted.


  • Submissions will be accepted via postal mail only (no email).
  • All letters should be sealed in an envelope and mailed within a larger envelope.
  • Art can be mailed as-is without being sealed in an individual envelope.
    *** No art will be accepted for OnoD for Kamiya’s birthday. ***
  • Submissions for both projects can be sent together as long as they are received before January 21.
  • Write your name (nickname is OK) and country on the envelope with the letter/art inside.
    If you are only submitting art, please include your name and country somewhere on it. (The back is fine.)
    Please do not include your address, except on the outer envelope you are mailing everything in.
  • Please write your email address under your return address so I can let you know when I’ve received your submission.
  • Clearly mark on all letter envelopes who the letter is addressed to.
  • If you are mailing submissions for both projects in one envelope, please write which project (Birthday or DGSFCM) on a sticky note or something and attach it to the letter/art.

Wanna join?
If you are interested in participating in the project(s), please fill out and submit the form below. I will respond with my address for you to mail everything. Please help spread the word about this project! Tell your friends, write on forums, Twitter, etc.! Thanks!

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