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Dear Girl ~Stories~ Festival Carnival Matsuri

February 27th, 2013


Dear Girl ~Stories~ Festival Carnival Matsuri took place at Nippon Budoukan on February 23. My friend and I arrived around 9, which was an hour before goods would go on sale. It took us about 10 minutes to walk to the end of the line, which was at least a quarter mile away from the actual venue. Apparently there were already about 500 people lined up at 6AM, which means a lot of people came on the first train. There was news on Twitter that the line was longer than the goods line for B’z concerts. CRAZY! It took over 5 hours to get to the front of the line, and by the time I got there they were already sold out of the orange towel and red wristband. While in line though you could sometimes hear them rehearsing inside. I distinctly heard Dear Girl wa Nemuranai and Shiny x Shiny being sung. X3

My seat was the very last row on the second floor (which is actually the third floor at Budoukan), so I was literally at the back of the venue. It was facing the stage though so while a little far, I still had a good view. I was near a ceiling vent though and for some reason they decided it was a good idea to have air blowing it from it. So cold! The stage was a rather simple setup with stairs that lit up and the letters DGS in lights in the middle.

Anyway, the event started off with a maesetsu by Yagihashi kun. If you remember the Yagihashi Sousenkyo voting in August/September of last year, Yagihashi kun had to go on stage wearing whichever outfit got the most votes, and the outfit that got the most votes was the one from OnoD’s seitansai where he was wearing a suit and the back was ripped. Yagihashi kun appeared on stage in a suit and began explaining the usual no photos, no recordings, no kokan (crotch) bazookas, etc. In the middle of his talking, part of the lights on the DGS sign behind got messed up so Yagihashi kun went to fix it and when he walked towards it, he had his back to the audience. …He was backless. XDDD Even the pants! He really did wear the outfit from the Sousenkyo! LoL. Chanko chan then came on stage with a kokan bazooka, and Yagihashi kun protected the audience by insisting that he get shot instead of the crowd. Chanko chan shot him in the crotch, and down went Yagihashi kun. He was carried off on a stretcher by staff. XD

A minute or so went by before the event introduction started playing on the screen. After it finished, Kamiya and OnoD came on stage singing Boku tachi Dake no Monogatari. After the song, Kamiya and OnoD introduced themselves, and Kamiya reminded them that they’re at Budoukan and that this is a radio show event. ^^;

For the first corner, they did a gangake (Buddhist prayer), which they’ve already done a couple times on the radio show. Basically if they complete the task successfully then their wish or goal will come true. The goal this time was for DGS to reach 400 episodes. OnoD was really worried because they’ve never completed their task successfully on the radio show. Kamiya explained that this time, they will have three tasks (and therefore three tries), just in case they mess up. ^^; The first task was Jenga, which they also did on the radio show before. A Jenga set on a table came up from the floor. They decided who would go first by janken and Kamiya lost so OnoD was first. While OnoD was preparing to take his turn, he decided that the Jenga set was too small for Budoukan. They took the Jenga set back down and then brought out a biiiiiig Jenga set, and a small ladder so they can reach the top when it got too tall. Their task was to successfully do it 15 times. This time Kamiya won janken so he went first. When they put the piece on top, they kept putting it on the sides and never put it in the middle so it became tall pretty quickly. Already on the 4th try it was starting to get shaky. On the 9th try, OnoD tried to get one sort of near the middle. It was a little unstable but it looked like he might be able to get it out, but in the end it toppled over… right on top of OnoD, so he was buried under huge Jenga pieces. XDDD Jenga ended up in failure, but Kamiya reminded them that they have two more tries.

The next task was jump rope. They had to jump rope ten times… together. Basically it was both Kamiya and OnoD jump roping using the same rope. The rope was regular length. The audience counted as they jumped, and they failed on the 7th jump, to which OnoD exclaimed that the rope was too short. Kamiya then said that they’d try with more people and onto the stage came a bunch of people dressed up as characters from the show, such as Hammerween, Daibutsu, Hamaween, Dandy, and Namaste Senpai. The goal was to jump rope ten times with a very long rope. They were worried about Daibutsu because he was wearing a mask so he couldn’t see, and when asked if he was alright, Daibutsu gave them an OK sign, which is basically the pose that the Ushiku Daibutsu has. They jumped… and failed on the first jump. XDDD As expected, it was Daibutsu who messed up, LoL. Kamiya was totally shocked that they couldn’t jump even once.

For the third and last task/chance, they had a couple balloons, one yellow for HiroC and one blue for OnoD. For this task they needed the audience to participate. They were going to play some music and throw the balloons into the arena crowd. The audience had to move both balloons to the back of the venue and then return them to the front. If both balloons came back before the music ended then it would be a success. Once again, OnoD decided that the balloons, which were regular-sized, were too small for Budoukan so they replaced them with really huge balloons. The yellow balloon had a chibi face of HiroC and the blue one had OnoD. The music they played was Dear Girl Samba. The blue balloon made some good progress but the yellow one kept spinning in the same spot. Both balloons had times where they were going backwards, but in the end the audience was able to get both balloons to the back and then return them to the front. Success! Finally!! OnoD was worried about the possibility of only the OnoD balloon not making it back to the front or if it popped. ^^; Hooray– The show will make it to 400 episodes thanks to the help of its listeners!

Kamiya and OnoD went off the stage for the next corner, which was DGS Hit Chart Movie Countdown where they showed video footage that UchiP recorded. Similar to the 4LO event, they had CG characters but this time they were different, and they spoke in a DJ-like foreign accent. I’m not sure if they were basing the designs on anything. (For the 4LO event they made it look like Countdown TV’s countdown.) Anyway, they counted down numbers 10 through 6.

#10 – Playing catch while acting like okama
#9 – Kamiya Hiroshi Seitansai 2013
#8 – Hammerween (the costumes for everyone cost 300,000 yen)
#7 – Episode 300
#6 – Yusa Kouji Seitansai

After that, the school chime rang, which meant it was time for DGS Gakuen! They started off by singing the school song, DGS Gakuen Kouka. For the “Yonaga wa kappa suits kappa” part, Yonaga popped up from the hole in the stage. Of course he was in a kappa suit. XD Then came out Kamiya, OnoD, Suwa san, Yagihashi kun, Chanko chan, and UchiP. They sat down at school desks and talked about how unpopular they are, wondering how they can become popular with the girls. Enter Yusa Kouji sensei to teach them. After taking roll,  Yusa suggested they use the upcoming school festival to become popular and invited someone to help them out… Yonagappa Kouchou (Principal Yonagappa)! Their first task was to come up with lines they would say in a certain situation. The first one was a popular guy’s weak point. Chanko’s line was, “I can’t eat anymore.” Kamiya pretended to pay for dinner… and then didn’t have enough cash. XD Yonaga was sniffling and then claimed he wasn’t crying because he’s a man. OnoD pretended to eat something but there were raisins in it. When asked what else he couldn’t eat, he answered “durian,” and when asked what his favorite food was, he asked, “Would you like to have some of my oinarisan too?” Then he got scolded for telling a dirty joke. XDDD Kamiya then made Yusa participate too. Yusa pretended to have a deadly sickness, saying that as long as the person reacts then it’s OK even it’s a lie. ^^;

For the second one, they had to say lines that popular guy would say. Yagihashi kun was up first, and he said, “Wanna listen to DGS together this Saturday? Of course while being held by me.” Kamiya was next, and he repeated his paying for dinner scene but this time he said he’d be paying by credit card and when asked if it was okay, he said, “It’s no problem because I’ve got a Gold card.” (Gold cards are a type of credit card that only people with very good credit or those with high income can get.) Of course he had a doyagao at the end. XD Yonaga complimented the girl for looking cute and when told that she dressed up just for him, he said that he likes that part of her. Next was OnoD, but I couldn’t really make out what he said. I just remember that he hummed a little bit of the Dragonball GT theme Dan Dan at the end. Last was Yusa, but I don’t really remember what he said either. ^^;;

OnoD pointed out that they can’t really apply these situations to the school festival to become popular. Kamiya asked if Yusa sensei had any books that might give a hint. Yusa pulled out an issue of SYLPH and suggested Zenra Shitsuji (Naked Butler). Kamiya, OnoD, Yonaga, and Yusa did a live reading of “Zenra Shitsuji,” where they played naked butlers and their master was too embarrassed to go to school because her butlers are, well, naked. XD When they finished, Kamiya was all, “What the heck is this? Is this really published in SYLPH?” It turns out the magazine Yusa held was “SYPHL” (Shifuru instead of Shirufu) and all the series in it had “zenra” in the title. XD It was funny because the magazine really did have title written as “SYPHL” on both the cover and spine. Yusa then found a real copy of SYLPH and they did a live reading of DGS Hizuki where HiroC and OnoD chase after a kappa. With that, the class ended. They decided that doing a play for the school festival would make them popular, but then Suwa san pointed out that if they did that, only Kamiya and OnoD would become popular and he, UchiP, Yagihashi kun, and Chanko wouldn’t be able to participate, so there’s no point. So, they decided to drop the play and think of something that all of them can participate in. Yup, you guessed it. A band! XD Air band: Masochistic Ono Band! OnoD and Kamiya were on vocals with UchiP on air guitar, Suwa san on air bass, Yagihashi kun on air keyboard, and Chanko said that he can eat drumsticks. XD The “band” came on stage in leather jackets and sang DIRTY AGENT. Kamiya and OnoD’s mics were on a mic stand the entire time and they dragged the stand around with them as they sang. The arrangement of the song was actually changed to sound more like a rock song played by a band too. After, Yusa and Yonaga were called back onto the stage to greet the audience.

The next corner was the second half of the DGS Hit Chart Movie Countdown.

#5 – Clichéd situations
#4 – Ono Daisuke Seitansai 2012
#2 – Karaoke
#1 – Kamiya Hiroshi Seitansai 2012 (Okinawa)

For the next corner, there was a small table with a lamp and four chairs on the stage. Kamiya was urged to the center of the stage by a staffer, and he didn’t seem to know what was going on. Then on the screen, it announced that they were going to celebrate Kamiya’s birthday again. From the back of the stage, three people wearing black suits and sunglasses appeared: OnoD, Taitem, and Yuukyan. OMG, the screams for Nakamura were crazy. They celebrated by talking about Kamiya’s good points and what makes him a nice guy, and they had interviewed other seiyuu about it too. Basically it’s the kind of thing Kamiya hates, LoL. I think he hates being complimented in public like this, hehe.

The first question was the kind of Kamiya Hiroshi that they like. The first comment was from Yasumoto Hiroki aka Angen. He said that Kamiya talks about a lot of stuff he wouldn’t be able to write about yet he’s such a nice guy. Next was Onosaka Masaya, who said that no matter what he says, Kamiya takes his job seriously, and also no matter what he says, he passionately talks about dirty stuff. ^^;; Next was Taitem, who was thankful for Kamiya for making it known that Taitem likes tonkotsu (pork bone). ^^; Next was Namikawa Daisuke, who said that Kamiya’s name has “kami (diety)” in it, and he likes the way Kamiya pokes fun at his jokes. Last was OnoD, who said that for the rehearsal of this event, Kamiya gave OnoD a ride to the venue every time, even though he’s more busy than OnoD. Then the BGM was all sad-like and the three pretended to wipe tears.

The next question was things about Kamiya Hiroshi that they only know. Namikawa wrote a comment about how it looks like Kamiya is taking on the phone when he’s practicing his lines. Next was Nakamura, who talked about how Kamiya beats around the bush to invite him to dinner by asking, “Nakamura kun, do you not want to go eat yakiniku today?” XD The next comment was from Yasumoto, who talked about Kirii Daisuke. Kamiya wouldn’t go into the details. Taitem talked about how Kamiya takes photos at the tonkotsu market for him. ^^; Next was Onosaka, who said that while Kamiya says it like he’s joking, in reality he actually wants to ****** an idol. ^^;;;;;;; Throughout this interrogation, Kamiya would sometimes steal one of the pistols off the table and start shooting. Um, yeah, he pulled the trigger a lot after this. XD Last was OnoD again, who talked about when he was in the bathroom, he heard a whimper that sounded like a 60 year-old man but when he turned around, it was Kamiya. Kamiya was eating these vitamin C tablets imported from the U.S., and asked if OnoD wanted one. He then said that there were lemon, orange, and grape flavors, but grape doesn’t taste good, and he gave OnoD a lemon one because it tasted the best. XDDD Kamiya had to correct OnoD though, saying that the flavors were lemon, orange, and raspberry. It was raspberry that didn’t taste good, and the one he gave OnoD was orange. OnoD said even if he got some of the details wrong, it doesn’t change the fact that Kamiya was being nice. XD They then decided to reprimand Kamiya, and his “punishment” was to celebrate his birthday again. Out came two cakes, one for Kamiya and one for Nakamura whose birthday was on the 20th. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to HiroC and Yuukyan. Nakamura was very surprised since he didn’t know they were going to do this, and thanked everyone at Budoukan and the live viewings. After, OnoD, Taitem, and Nakamura left the stage, and OnoD told Kamiya to talk while they were gone.

Kamiya thanked everyone for coming, and for celebrating his birthday. He also said that there were 9000 people at Budoukan, and another 9000 at the live viewings for a total of 18000 people. He then said that we’re all at the huge venue called Budoukan, and that we’re all looking only at him. XD He started waving to the audience which got a reaction from the area he was waving at. Kamiya talked about how he was surprised that Nakamura came, and that he told the staff before that they can’t call anyone who’s more popular than they (Kamiya and OnoD) are. XDDD People started yelling out that that’s not true (that Nakamura is more popular) but then Kamiya was all, “I won’t ever forget your screams when Nakamura came out!!” Cue all the screams of “HiroC~~!!” XDDD OnoD then came back. He had changed clothes and taken off the mic headset. Kamiya said that he should do the same and left OnoD on stage alone, so now it was OnoD’s turn to talk. He started off with a “mosu” greeting to the audience, and thanked everyone for coming. Kamiya quickly returned to the stage, and said that since they’re at Budoukan, they should sing a little more.

For the live corner, they sang Prologue, Teller’s nights, and Dear Girl wa Nemuranai. Dancers came out for the last two songs. After singing, Kamiya remembered something he wanted to ask during his MC a while ago, and he called out to all the Dear Boys. There were a lot of them. XD He then called out to the Dear Boys in each section: arena, first floor, and second floor. Then they called out to everyone in each section. The second floor (where I was) was especially loud because that’s where most of the seats were. After, they sang Shiny x Shiny. There were some small choreographed moves and the crowd cheered each time. They had the crowd sing along, “Shiny shiny” and “wasshoi wasshoi,” and repeat “OnoD daite” and “HiroC daite.” Then they sang 30minutes Shootin’ Star. Near the end, a bunch of the staff came out onto the stage in the back, including Furuya Shin, the guy who wrote the lyrics for most of the DGS songs. Before singing the last song, Smiley Time, they gave their final greetings to the audience. Kamiya and OnoD left the stage after the song, but of course the event wouldn’t end without an encore, so the two came back out and sang Say Your Name ~Dear Girl~, and encouraged the audience to sing along too. The lyrics were displayed on the screen and everyone sang along. It was quite touching, actually. After the song, Kamiya and OnoD went to different parts of the stage and waved to all the different sections of the venue. Just before they left the stage, they blew a kiss, which of course got a huge reaction from the crowd.

At the very end, similar to the 4LO event, they showed photos from the radio show with an instrumental version of Boku tachi Dake no Monogatari playing in the background. You could kind of hear some people the song. There were also hand-written messages of thanks by Kamiya and OnoD, and with that, the festival came to and end. The event was supposed to be 3 hours long but ended up being closer to 4 hours. Here’s to hoping the next event will be at an even bigger venue. Saitama Super Arena or Tokyo Dome perhaps?? ^_~


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