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Kiramune Fan Meeting in Sapporo

July 7th, 2013

June 22 was the Kiramune Fan Meeting in Sapporo. It was my first time in Hokkaido. I took the Friday off and arrived a day early so I would have some time to do some sightseeing. I flew Air Asia, which cost just over $100 roundtrip. So cheap! The only drawback is that it flew out of Narita and Narita is a pain to get to. I would have much preferred to fly out of Haneda but at this price I won’t complain too much. Arrived in the early afternoon and met up with my friends with whom I’d be going to the event with. It was funny because on the way to Sapporo from Chitose Airport, there was a building with “SUZUKEN” written on it.  Suzu~!

It was already pretty cloudy and dark on Friday but on Saturday it began to rain. Oh, Namikawa. It was more of a misty kind of rain, but still. Lined up early for goods. They split the line between the event goods and the badges. My friend stayed in the goods line for me while I went for the badges. Didn’t get Kamiya. =( I ended up trading for him several days later, but it was a shock when I got three Kakiharas. ^^; Hung out in my friends’ hotel room until it was opening time for the event. Our numbers were in the low 100s so we actually got first row to the left of the stage for the noon event! For the night event we were closer to the mid-100s so we got second row on the left.

The corners were the same for both the noon and night events though of course what they talked about was a bit different.

Kamiya was the first to come out since he would be the main MC. He had everyone introduce themselves while also saying which Hokkaido food they think is delicious. Kamiya said salmon. Everyone wore matching Kiramune All Stars hoodies that were their color (eg. Kamiya’s was purple). During the opening talks, we found out that Eguchi apparently only brought on tshirt with him on the trip because he thought it would be really nice weather. It turned out to be slightly cold (though personally I thought the weather was perfect but my Japanese friends were saying it was cold) and Kamiya, seeing that Eguchi was only wearing a tshirt, offered him a jacket. The next day, Eguchi was wearing the same tshirt which is when they found out that was the only shirt he brought with him. XD For the night event Kamiya had them introduce themselves and also say what they think of when they think of a sightseeing spot in Hokkaido. Kamiya answered with HTV (the TV station Hokkaido TV).

They first talked about Kiramune celebrating its 4th anniversary and each of their first experiences with Kiramune, and also the history of Kiramune, etc. In the first corner, they wrote in a sketch book some behind-the-scenes stuff about KiraFes. Kamiya wrote that everyone was serious, and explained how everyone was focusing so hard on practicing in the dressing room that it was boring, LoL. Everyone immediately pointed out that Kamiya was the most serious of them all. XD Namikawa explained that because he was wearing sunglasses before his part, he couldn’t see very well and he forgot where he was supposed to enter the stage from. He actually said, “Where am I supposed to be again?” and the mic was already on at the time so the entire audience could hear it. ^^; Of course everyone thought it was part of the act, hehe. Kamiya explained that at times even the staff were confused too because before it was Kamiya’s turn, they told him to get ready and lead him to where he was supposed to be. Kamiya felt that the positioning was a bit off and later the staff hurriedly came back saying, “We made a mistake!” Oops. Next, Yonaga said that Okamoto is usually teased by others but only to Eguchi is he Do-S, LoL. For some reason whenever Okamoto and Eguchi’s eyes meet, Okamoto’s face loses all expression and it looks like he’s scowling. He showed us the face and it was so funny. XDDD For Eguchi’s turn, he said that Kimura likes Okamoto’s “sniper” too much. Kimura apparently really likes Okamoto’s song Sniper and every time Okamoto would pretend shooting a gun when singing, Kimura from backstage would pretend to be shot. XD Kakihara explained that Shige san’s choreography is a bit difficult. Next, Okamoto talked about how when he was being carted around the venue and ended up at the stage in the middle, Kamiya was under the cart (Okamoto stood on top). This is how they got Kamiya to appear from the stage in the center. I had always wondered about this so it’s nice to finally know how they did it! Kamiya demonstrated how he sat in the cart and it was adorable. X3 Lastly, Kimura talked about how everyone was really tired after the live. He said that after the first day, they all went out for yakiniku after and that Kamiya and SuzuKen were like old men. They looked happy when eating meet and then just silently put money on the table and left. ^^;;

During the night event, Kamiya wrote that Eguchi is too tall and they talked about how his head would still stick a bit out of the hole in the stage where some made their entrances and exits during KiraFes, which is why Eguchi has to always crouch down a bit. ^^; Also during the encore, Kamiya “was forced to” ride the same cart as Eguchi and Eguchi would crouch a little so that he doesn’t tower over Kamiya. XD During this corner they teased Yonaga, calling him “girly” and stuff. ^^; It was cute. Kakihara talked about how the hardest song to sing is Ever Dream. Yonaga is apparently guilty of often “stealing” other people’s lines (ie. singing their part), LoL. Yonaga was teased a lot and later got called things like “Yonagirl.” X3

For the next corner, they answered some questions that the audience wrote on a paper before the event began. The questions ranged from random things to where they first wash when they take a bath (Kamiya starts with his head. Everyone else does too except for Kacky who starts with his feet and works his way up, and Okamoto who starts with his neck) to some questions for specific members. For the third corner, they showed an unreleased behind-the-scenes photo for each of the members and then would talk about it. Some of the shorts were candid. ^^; For Kamiya it was a photo of him sitting down on some steps getting his sleeves fixed by the stylist during the jacket cover photo shoot for Such a beautiful affair. After the corner, there were audio messages from the members who were not there (CONNECT, Miyu kun, and the new member Yoshino). Miyu kun’s message was especially funny because he doesn’t seem to think before he speaks. ^^;

The questions during the night event included what they do on an airplane. Kamiya usually plans on reading but often forgets the book he wanted to read in his checked-in luggage. ^^; So instead, he listened to rakugo on the in-flight entertainment but when it’d get to a really good part, there would be an announcement from the flight attendant and when they finally finish, the part in the rakugo would be over already, LoL. Kacky and Eguchi usually sleep the entire way. Eguchi sleeps because he’s scared of flying, especially during takeoff and landing. XD During the photo corner, Kamiya’s photo was of him in a karaoke box putting a song in. Apparently during his SABA campaign event, one of the producers insisted that they go and he made Kamiya sing his own songs. ^^; Again, there were audio messages from CONNECT, Miyu kun, and Yocchin. Miyu kun’s and Yocchin’s messages were different from the noon event but Miyu kun’s was horrible as always. XD

Last was the live corner where Kamiya sang Such a beautiful affair and Hare Nochi Hajimari no Hi. He moved around the stage and at one point he was right in front of me singing SABA and head banging. XDDD So coooool!! I can’t help but get somewhat emotional whenever I hear Hare Nochi Hajimari no Hi. Such a pretty songs!  The same songs were sung for both the noon and night events, and they ended the event with greetings from each of the members.

My friends and I ended the night with dinner across the street from the venue. It was very good and with eight people only cost about $16 including dessert. So cheeeeap! The next day, the weather was totally clear. Not a cloud in the sky! …Namikawa must’ve left early in the morning or the night before. XD


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