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Dear Boy Matsuri event report

December 13th, 2013

The Dear Boy Matsuri event took place on November 24 in Misato, Saitama. As the name suggests, the event was limited to boys only at the actual venue. We girls were not allowed and had to settle for a live viewing.

In the morning I stopped by the theater to buy goods. There was no line at all and I was able to get all the stuff I wanted with ease. Chuckled when a few young boys were looking at the goods and wondering what the heck they were for. ^^; Went home for a few hours before returning for the start of the event. The seats I had were in a great location. It was the first row  between the front block of seats and the rear so the walkways was in front of me and I had a lot of leg room. My seats were pretty much dead center too. If it only weren’t for the two loud, obnoxious high school girls to my left… -____-

Yagihashi kun, dressed up as “Misatoman,” was in charge of the maesetsu. He wore a body suit with the OnoD Wild boxer pants and a mask that had “Misato” written on the forehead (think Kinnikuman). The only warning was that even though there are no girls at the venue, they are not allowed to dress like him (underwear only). Yagihashi kun had the audience yell out, “Hi~! Fu~! Mi~sato!” Chanko chan then came out and reprimanded Yagihashi kun for his lukewarm maesetsu and the fact that they can’t understand what he’s saying with the mask on. He then attacked Yagihashi kun with a Bear Claw and exclaimed that up until now, he was the one who was in charge of the maesetsu. Helpless on the stage, the boys started chanting “Misatoman” to which Yagihashi responded to and said the event would be starting soon.

The opening video for the event started playing on the screen and then out came Kamiya and OnoD riding on Harley motorcycles. They both had sunglasses on and wore biker outfits. Kamiya told OnoD that it was only boys as far as the eye can see and then initiated a call and response of “Danshi~! (Boys~!)” with the boys responding each time. They finally got off the motorcycles and introduced themselves, taking off their sunglasses in a cool way after. Kamiya proclaimed that after doing this radio show for 6 years, they were “mote choujin.” Then realizing that the Harleys were in the way, he had the staff move them off to the side.

The first corner was counseling the Dear Boys in how to become popular with the girls. The couch that was used in the pamphlet photo shoot was at the center of the stage. After sitting down, Kamiya noticed that there was some wine on the table and requested that OnoD pour some. While OnoD did that, Kamiya proceeded with the first question: “There aren’t any girls around me so every day is like an otoko matsuri (boys festival). What should I do?” Kamiya and OnoD did a small toast to “mote otoko.” Before answering the question, OnoD made an observation. “The wine just a moment ago… It’s Fanta Grape!” LoL. Kamiya then explained, “When you’re popular with the ladies like us, you start to have a taste for Fanta Grape.” XDDD As for his answer to the first question? “Go to where there are girls!” Haha. The second question asked what they do habitually to become popular with the ladies. Kamiya’s answer was “polish glass.” Kamiya went on to say that by that he means polishing your life, in other words your [glass] heart. But in actuality, Kamiya has been playing Monster Hunter 4 in the bath every night. Offline, of course, and only while in the bath. XD OnoD’s answer to the question was, “Popular guys shave their legs before events,” LoL. I’m sure we all saw that coming, hehe. Kamiya asked if any of the guys in the audience shaved their legs before coming, and a few hands actually went up. XD The last question was from a 5-year-old. XD He said that his mom is always listening to the show, and wanted to know how to become popular in pre-school. Kamiya told the boy to become good at kissing since it’s considered cute when you’re real young but once you’re elementary school age or older then you’ll get arrested. XD OnoD had a hard time coming up with something that would top Kamiya’s answer, but then settled on, “Let’s play Aikatsu together!” XD

For the next corner, they had to come up with a counting song to count the brothers in Brother’s Conflict. (The Brother’s Conflict event was being held the same day.) The reasoning behind this was so the boys in the audience could become popular by understanding the charm of Brother’s Conflict. ^^; Out came a white board with “chounan (eldest son),” “jinan (second son),” “sannan (third son),” etc. and  written on it. They already had a melody for the song, and in the blanks they had to fill in something that described the character. For example, the eldest son Masaomi, Kamiya wrote, “Jonathan J**star.” XDDD (Okitsu does the voice of both Masaomi and JoJo.) Many of the descriptions didn’t have anything to do with the character or were only related to the seiyuu who voiced the character. Not all the descriptions were unrelated though. Both Tsubaki and Azusa received the description “script check in the bath,” which apparently they do in the drama CDs. ^^; Kamiya also joked around and purposefully read the character’s name wrong, using different readings for the kanji and such. He read “Wataru” as “Ya,” etc. XD For OnoD’s character Subaru, Kamiya wrote, “Basket baka yarou” and then said, “Basket baka yarou na no da yo.” XDDD The one that had me laugh the hardest was what they wrote for Wataru though. Since his voice was done by Kaji and the three of them were in a very popular series together this year, Kamiya wrote, “Tonikaku yatsura wo bukkoroshitai desu! (I just want to kill them all!)” Of course he was referring to Eren’s line, but imagine cute little Wataru saying that. XDDD OnoD exclaimed, “Yeagerrrrrrrr!!!” Kamiya then said in Levi’s voice, “Hou… Warukunai,” and OnoD yelled “Susumeeee!!” in Erwin’s voice. XDDD When they got to Juli, the guys started yelling out “Juli!!” and Kamiya’s replied back in Juli’s voice, “Don’t talk to me so familiarly!” XD OnoD came up with “geki gesu gyungyun risu yarou” for Juli. XD They also came up with a chorus that was repeated twice. After they completed the song, they had the audience sing it with them. For Wataru’s Eren line though, instead of singing it, they said it as if reading a line while holding back their laughter. XD When the song finished, both Kamiya and OnoD ran off stage.

The next corner featured a message from a special guest: DGS Sepia. XD They showed the first half of the video for DGS Sepia’s Autumn Sports Festival which included soiya baseball, soiya gold, and soiya jump rope. After the video, OnoD came out on stage alone. The boys in the audience yelled out “Soiya~!” It was funny how into it the boys were. The next corner was mote otoko trends for 2014 taken from otome contents. Out came Kamiya as GirlSty Ojisan. XDDD He looked at the Harleys on stage and said something like it looks like you can get a lot of money for them if you sold them. XD OnoD pointed out that GirlSty Ojisan wasn’t hearing his usual Seibu Lions cap. Ojisan explained that it got confiscated because of copyright but instead they gave him a DGS cap. DGS = Dengeki Girl’s Style, LoL. GirlSty Ojisan then began explaining what would be trending in 2014. The “neck pain” pose was pretty popular so he said that next year it would “full body pain.” ^^; There were some other trends too, and the last one was “personification.” There have been personifications of countries and train stations, and when asked what the next one would be OnoD guessed “ramen.” GirlSty Ojisan said the answer was “stick.” ^^;;;;; It didn’t seem like he fully understood it either, but out came on stage a huge… stick… that was twisted. Think of a tree trunk. GirlSty Ojisan then instructed OnoD to do the voice of the stick and then disappeared off stage. OnoD was quite at a loss at what to do, but then he started saying some lines, including a lot of dirty things, though he followed up on them. “You want to touch me, don’t you? I’m often told that I’m very hard. My personality that is!” (In Japanese “katai” can mean both “hard” and also “honest.”) The stick then started turning and something was starting to come out of it. OnoD was all, “Look at my tip. I’m going to come! I’m going to come!” Then someone in the crowd yelled out, “Not yet!!” XDDDD I swear, the boys in this crowd were hilarious! There were then chants of “soiya” and OnoD finished it off with, “A lot came out.” XD Kamiya finally returned on stage and OnoD got mad at him for being late. Had he come any later, OnoD might have had to quit Mausu Promotion, LoL.

Leading to the next corner, OnoD commented that even though they say they’re popular with the ladies, there’s one time that Kamiya was dumped. Yup, you guessed it: Haman Karn. XD Kamiya was given another chance to “attack” her. The Haman chan this time was a much sexier mannequin. ^^; The lips were more red, etc. Once again, they had Sakakibara Yoshiko record lines for Haman chan, and Kamiya had to play the dating sim game again. It was funny because the bench that they sat on was int he shape of Haman’s mobile suit Quebley. Kamiya was so nervous to sit next to Haman chan. Very cute. XD When asked what his favorite mobile suit was, Kamiya started answering, “Well, to be honest it’s Virtue but…” Cue Haman chan’s “zokubutsu ga!” XD Kamiya quickly changed his answer to “Quebley.” Kamiya did pretty well in the portion where he was given three choices and had to pick the correct one, and at the end he was told to come to Core 3 where Kamiya would have to give his love confession. It was really cute. Kamiya went on about how they had met when he wast a 5th grade in elementary and how he always looked forward to seeing her on Fridays at 5:30PM, and how it’s been 30 years since then. XD He asked her to date him, and like last time, was shot down. And similar to last time, that brown Kamiya down to his knees in shame. ^^;;; Kamiya questioned what could have gone wrong and then confessed that from when corner began until he stood up from the bench, he realized as he sat down that his zipper was open. Haman chan must’ve noticed and that was why. Cue another “zokubutsu ga!” XDDD

Next was the second half of the DGS Sepia video. There was soiya bowling, soiya suikawari (smashing watermelons), and more.  After that was MASOCHISTIC ONO BAND! They sang DIRTY AGENT, Dear Girl wa Nemuranai, and Say Your Name!. The arrangement for the songs was different too. Pretty cool. At the end they sang Otoko Rhapsody with the crowd, but changed the lines in between. The event was coming to an end but before that, they had an important announcement! On the screen played a trailer for the second DGS movie!!!! Titled Dear Girl ~Stories~ THE MOVIE 2 ACE OF ASIA, it takes place in Hong Kong and will hit theaters on February 15. They then gave their final greetings and said that tomorrow they’ll be going back to working hard for the girls. They ended the event with the usual, “Tsuzuku!

During the credits for the live viewing, Otoko Rhapsody played as the BGM and the lines were different again. Overall it was a fun event. Would’ve been more fun if I didn’t have those two high schoolers next to me, but anyway. I hope we get a home video release of this. Need to confirm Kamiya’s zipper. XDDD Can’t wait for the movie!


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