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Kiramune Update

July 1st, 2015

Lots of updates for Kamiya Kiramune-wise today. Kamiya’s new artist photo as well as the jacket covers for his upcoming mini albums were uploaded, and the track lists for the CDs were also announced.  A short CM for Haregou and a fairly long (4 minutes!) comment video are also up on the official YouTube account. The comment video will only be available for a limited time until July 30 however.

The track lists for the CDs are as follows:

2015/7/29 release

  1. HA-RE? GO!
  2. One sky,One way
  3. 未来の足跡
    Mirai no Ashiato
  5. Neverland Glitter
  6. 贅沢な時間
    Zeitaku na Jikan

Hare Rock
2015/08/26 release

  1. CONNECT (Heart laid Boogie)
  2. 流れ星 (Starry BEAT)
    Nagareboshi (Starry BEAT)
  3. JAM packed TRAIN (Switch Back)
  4. my life my time (GLIND HOP)
  5. Runaway Train (Not fade away)
  6. my diary (New chapter)

“Hare Rock” is of course a pun. It is written as “roku” which means 6, and the CD contains covers of Kiramune member songs with a rock taste arrangement. The goukaban versions will include a DVD. Haregou will have a PV for HA-RE? GO! and Hare Rock will have a new PV for my diary.

The lottery for Kamiya’s first live will begin July 11 and it will be limited to members of the Kiramune Star Club.


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