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Ono Daisuke to release two new mini albums on 9/25!

June 13th, 2013
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The Lantis website announced yesterday that OnoD will be releasing his first new mini album in 4 years. He will be releasing two mini albums titled SCENE and SHOW (titles subject to change), which will be released September 25. Both CDs will be released the same day, include a music clip DVD, and retail for 2600 yen each. The CDs will include applications for the third round of OrePara 2013 advanced tickets.

The details for OrePara 2013 are as follows:

Venue: Kobe World Hall
Dates: December 7-8
Times: (12/7) 15:00 open, 16:00 start / (12/8) 12:00 open, 13:00 start

Venue: Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
Dates:  December 21-22
Times: (12/21) 15:00 open, 16:00 start / (12/22) 12:00 open, 13:00 start

Advanced applications for both events will be included with the BD and DVD release of OrePara 2012 Kobe, which will be released this month on the 26th.


May 4

May 4th, 2013
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OrePara 2012 Ryogoku

December 24th, 2012
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This past weekend was OrePara in Ryogoku! It was very rainy and cold on Saturday. Sunday was better weather-wise.

OnoD’s outfit for the first day as a black and white checkered suit. The pattern was very… busy… Each square had a silhouette of a man’s profile. ^^; OnoD’s set list included Lunar Maria, Akatsuki no Wadachi, “Arigatou, Netsuretsu ANSWER, and Daisuki.

I felt he kind of missed the high notes for Lunar Maria but other than that, it was great. The venue was green for Lunar Maria, red for Akatsuki no Wadachi, and yellow for Netsuretsu ANSWER. After Akatsuki no Wadachi,there was an MC part and OnoD mentioned that he has a lot of people to say “arigatou” to, which caught everyone’s attention. I’m sure many people, including myself, were hoping that he would sing “Arigatou.” In the middle his voice started to shake and you can tell he was getting emotional. Wahhh!! It was so moving to hear him sing the song! The two songs I wanted to hear live the most were Kinmokusei and “Arigatou” so I’m very glad I could hear both of them this year.

After the song, OnoD ran off stage and there was a short instrumental intermission. A minute or so later, dancers came on stage! And then OnoD came back with a mic headset! Team D was introduced and then OnoD declared that the venue was going to be turned into a dance hall. Cue Netsuretsu ANSWER and the whole place was lit up with yellow pen lights. It’s always fun to do the dance and since my seats were in the back of the 2nd floor, I could pretty much see the entire arena dancing too. X3 For the “kageki na shigeki” parts, OnoD did a really sexy movement with his hips, which prompted many screams from the crowd, LoL. During the riff, the dancers carried OnoD around the stage to yells of “wasshoi!” After the song they went directly to Daisuki. Near the end, Iwata came out in a cheer leader uniform, similar to in Kobe, but this time SuzuKen and Morikubo also came out. XD SuzuKen was dressed like a hero in a jean jacket and red bandana, and Morikubo was dressed sort of like a gangster iirc. It was pretty hilarious. They were called “Gekidan Daisuke” (Theatre Troupe Daisuke).

The encore of course included Galaxy Bus and Nemuru Mono tachi he. After Galaxy Bus was the focus corner on one of the members. In Kobe was Morikubo and SuzuKen, so Saturday was OnoD. The first was “OrePara shinka no shouchou” (symbol of OrePara’s evolution) by Morikubo. OnoD talked about how he though Morikubo looked scary at first, and Morikubo went on about how OnoD has a way of reaching out to people and making the entire venue his “home.” OnoD said that next year it’ll be “MosuPara.” XD Next was SuzuKen. I can’t remember the phrase he chose, but he talked about how OnoD is a very honest person, etc. Last was Iwata with “zabuton” (floor cushion). This referred to the first year they held OrePara at Ryogoku. Ryogoku Kokugikan is a sumo arena so in the green room there are huge zabuton for the wrestlers. After OnoD’s performance, he was really tired and dove head first into one of the cushions, basically smothering his face in it. The others thought it was cute at first but then realized that it was a cushion for sumo wrestlers, which means they sit on it with their sweaty butts after a match, so it was like OnoD sticking his face into the butt of a wrestler. XDDD Oops…

Lastly was the singing of Nemuru Mono tachi he. I guess they liked OnoD’s idea of doing requests for who sings the parts where the audience sings. OnoD requested everyone who was wearing a Santa costume or hat, Terashima requested everyone who is glad they are an otaku, Hirakawa requested the people who have attended OrePara all 5 years, Iwata requested all people 40+ years old, SuzuKen requested all the people who have someone named “Daisuke” in their family, and Morikubo requested everyone who will be attending OrePara next year. After the song there were hugs between the members and the event ended.

Read more… (Day 2)


OrePara 2012 Kobe

December 10th, 2012
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This past weekend was OrePara in Kobe! I usually don’t go events outside of the Tokyo/Kantou region but decided to try going to Kobe since this year is OrePara’s 5th anniversary.

There were two performances, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. OrePara has always been 2 performances in one day up until now but this year they’re doing one per day. For the first day, my seat was Area B3. There were 6 blocks in the arena area so B3 was close to the middle. Even though it was B, it was still very close! The stage was quite high so it was very easy to see.

As usual, first up was OreParap. Every performance was preceded with a short interview with the person who would be singing next. The top batter this time around was Iwata Mitsuo, aka Micchan! He’s traditionally been last or at least near the bottom of the order so it was quite a surprise that he was first. Second was SuzuKen, then MAX BOYS, OnoD, and lastly Morikubo.

OnoD’s set list for the first day was: Lunar Maria, Akatsuki no Wadachi, Amaoto, Shinen, and Daisuki. His outfit made him look like some kind of detective. ^^; Lunar Maria and Akatsuki no Wadachi were very nice. Since it was the 5th anniversary, OnoD sang older songs. Amaoto was very moving, and Shinen was nice too. Then OnoD “ruined” the mood with Daisuki. XD The dance was the same one as last year’s with the taiko drum-like movements, and he added in drawing a heart for the line “~daisuki da to” at the end of the chorus.

Micchan was funny as usual, SuzuKen was very lovely (and played the guitar!), Morikubo was totally awesome, and while I wasn’t too familiar with MAX BOYS, their songs were quite nice.

For the encore, they sang Galaxy Bus. I really like this song! It’s so pretty. After, they had a corner where they would pick one of the members and the others revealed a phrase that relates to that person. This year there are four performances in total, and there are four host members so they would talk about one person each show. This show featured Morikubo Shoutarou. The cutest part was when SuzuKen finally started calling Morikubo “Shou chan.” XD After the talk, they reintroduced the guests, MAX BOYS, and then sang Nemuru Mono tachi he.

The second day, the order for both the OreParap and performances was different. I was hoping he wouldn’t be so I’d have something to look forward to later, but OnoD was the top batter. He wore a similar outfit as on Saturday but the jacket was definitely different. His set list included Lunar Maria, Akatsuki no Wadachi, Manatsu no Spica, Kinmokusei (YESSSS!!!!), and Daisuki. Finally, OnoD has a different set list! For the last couple of years, he’s been the only one with the same set list for all performances, though it’s probably because he has to dance and all that too. Not much dancing this year, but I was sooooooo happy to hear Kinmokusei live. Manatsu no Spica was great too. I’m just glad I was able to hear some older songs that I wasn’t able to hear live before. I think a lot of people were looking forward to Kinmokusei as well because there was a lot of cheering when the song started.

Second was Morikubo, then MAX BOYS, Micchan, and finally SuzuKen. Near the end of Morikubo’s performance, he asked who came from overseas. My friend and I missed our chance to say something since we first looked at each other before deciding to wave our hands in the air. (While technically foreigners, we both live in Japan.) There were some girls from Korea and apparently someone from Germany. MAX BOYS had the same set list, I think. Micchan was entertaining, and SuzuKen nearly brought me to tears. His songs are so pretty!

The encore again started with Galaxy Bus, and this time the talk corner focused on SuzuKen. I’m guessing OnoD will be the first day at Ryougoku and Micchan will be the second day. Last was the singing of Nemuru Mono tachi he and they (namely OnoD) changed it up a bit for the part where the crowd gets to sing. He asked for only the people who either had a Santa costume on or were wearing a Santa hat to sing. Whoo hoo! I was wearing a Santa hat! X3 SuzuKen was next and he had everyone who was holding a blue pen light sing. Whoo hoo! I was holding a blue pen light! XD (A blue pen light is usually used for his song INTENTION, but I was holding it because it was OnoD’s official color, hehe.) For MAX BOYS, they had the left, and then right half of the venue sing. Morikubo had anyone who enjoyed the concert (ie. everyone) single. Lastly, Iwata’s suggestion was harder as it had to do with the geography of Japan. He had people who came from the northern half of Japan sing the first and third parts, and the people from the southern half sing the second and fourth parts. Then they remembered that there were some people from overseas as well, and they had them as part of the northern half since there were more people from the south. When they mentioned foreigners again, my friend and I frantically waved our hands in the air… And OnoD looked our way. XDDD He smiled a little, probably because I was wearing his tshirt design. X3 Ahh~ Happiness~~

Next weekend will be OrePara at Ryougoku! Kobe World Kinen Hall was by no means a small venue, but it certainly felt a lot smaller than Ryougoku. There were a lot of empty seats too. On the first day, the seats next to me were empty, as well as a couple seats behind and in front. On the second day there were like 5 empty seats behind me. Lots of empty seats in the stands too. Well anyway, OrePara in Kobe was very fun and exciting, and I’m really looking forward to Ryougoku next week! I hope they will change the set list again. ^^

The Sunday performance should be released on DVD since there were cameras that day.


Animelo Summer Live 2012 -INFINITY-

August 27th, 2012
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OnoD performed on the second day of Animelo Summer Live (Anisama) on August 26. This year’s theme was “infinity.” The venue Saitama Super Arena, which has a capacity of about 15000, was packed to the brim.

The first performance was by ST*RISH from UtaPri. OnoD was 6th. Yellow glow sticks were cracked the moment DELIGHT began to play and out came OnoD in a white suit. The dancers were present and were the same people as the ones at OrePara except for the red guy. The atmosphere was definitely much different than OrePara since it was a much larger venue and approximately 70% of the crowd was guys. Still, there were a lot of OnoD fans amongst them. A guy behind me was a Dear Boy since he had the towel from the DGS4LO event. I didn’t see too many people wearing OnoD’s shirt from OrePara 2011 but out of the people I did see wearing it, they were all guys! (I saw three.) That was kind of amusing. Again, because of the larger venue and different crowd, you couldn’t hear the audience sing along as clearly as at OrePara.

After DELIGHT was Netsuretsu ANSWER. DELIGHT was mostly sung at the back at center stage whereas Netsuretsu ANSWER was sung on the hanamichi walkway. During the riff, the dancers carried OnoD around as if he were a mikoshi (portable shrine). XD My seats were kind of far back so I didn’t have a great view but as always, OnoD was an awesome performer. He only sang two songs and came out for the encore where everyone sang this year’s Anisama theme song, INFINITY ~Sennen no Yume~. I think most fans were hoping that he would sing his latest song, Lunar Maria, but I guess we’ll have to wait until OrePara in December.

Anisama is always released on DVD and BD so we can look forward to one in the future. =D The full set list can be found here.