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KAmiYU in Wonderland Noon report (updated 7/19)

July 18th, 2010

Went to the noon event of KAmiYU in Wonderland at Yokohama BLITZ. It featured Kamiya Hiroshi and Irino Miyu with guests Okiayu Ryoutarou, Onosaka Masaya, Yoshino Hiroyuki, and Nakamura Yuuichi.

My friend and I were numbers 93 and 94 so we were able to get a spot near the back where there was a step. It was very easy to see the stage.

The curtain went down and there were the usual announcements about cellphones and recordings, etc. It was done by Kamiya and Irino and was very cute. Kamiya pretended to be talking on the phone and stuff while Irino pointed out that the things Kamiya was doing wasn’t allowed.

When the curtain (on which was attached the screen thingy) went up, Kamiya and Irino were on stage doing sitting seiza style. I think the jeans Kamiya was wearing were the same pair he wore for the Seiyuu Paradise photoshoot. Anyway~

They talked about the name KAmiYU and how the whole thing came to be. Kamiya had no idea while Irino knew it all. XD Apparently the discussion came up after Irino’s JUMP event in Yokohama. Possible names for the unit included “Color Ball” and “Thinking Time.” X.D Color Ball because of the colored balls in the JUMP PV, and Thinking Time because all the producers and people were all thinking of what to do. In the end they combined “Kamiya” and “Miyu” for it to be KAmiYU. Kamiya talked about how he wasn’t sure where the accents were in the name, and Irino decided where they would be on the spot. X3

Next they showed Irino’s JUMP PV and commented on it. Irino really liked Kamiya’s performance of full count during KiraFes so he wanted to have trumpets and stuff too. Irino had the people pause during certain scenes he wanted to talk about and for the first one, his face when they paused it… XDDDDD

After, the Sigma Seven duo came out in sunglasses. Yocchin introduced himself as Fujiwara Keiji. X.D He did look a lot like him, LoL. Nakamura looked good in his black vest. They talked about what qualifications they had and everyone except Nakamura had Eiken level 3 (like the JLPT but for English). Unfortunately they didn’t give us a demonstration. =( Next, Irino got to be cameraman. He held a camcorder and acted as director with the other three making up a sentai scene. Yocchin was the bad guy monster while Nakamura was Kuro Vest Red and Kamiya was Kuro Vest Pink. X.D They were the Kuro Vest Rangers because Nakamura was wearing a black vest. At the end Irino wanted to replay it a bit but it turned out he didn’t even record it, LoL! After they had a “first pitch ceremony” where they all threw signed plastic balls into the crowd. Unfortunately the balls were real light so they couldn’t go very far. Needless to say, none came our way.

Next was the Aoni duo. Okiayu and Onosaka came out in yukata! *________* Okiayu’s was, of course, flowery. He kept on saying “curry” as if that was the only thing he could say. It was funny. X.D They had a Balloon Talk where subjects written on paper were inside balloons and they had to pop the balloon to find out what it was. One person would pop it with a needle and one other would have to hold it and was in charge of having a “wahh!” reaction. First up with Onosaka popping and Kamiya holding. Onosaka kept getting closer and closer to Kamiya with the balloon and then popped it. Kamiya was startled and it looked like he was kinda mad. ^^;; The topic was they had to compliment each other. Other topics included secrets about KAmiYU, and I think there was one or two others but I don’t remember what they were.

Next up was the live corner. Namikawa came out and sang a couple songs, Rock Star and Alright!!. He was so nervous when he had to talk. Now I know what people mean when they say Namikawa’s kinda dumb. ^^;;; I have to admit, he’s not really the brightest bulb around, but I say that in the best way possible cuz he’s adorable. X.D He said weird things like “Congratulations on attending KAmiYU” instead of “Thank you for attending KAmiYU.” X.DDD

And then Irino came out and sang JUMP!!! I didn’t know he was gonna sing too. I only expected Namikawa too. As usual, Irino sang very well.

AND THEN Kamiya came out and sang full count!!! Wa~i!!! He was really good, though the performance lacked the pink jacket that will forever be associated with this song. No air trumpet or guitar either. I think his performance at KiraFes left too deep an impression. X.D It’s hard to top that.

AND THEN!!! Kamiya and Irino announced that they sing the song for the Gunpla Builders OVA (see PV with the song over here) and it’s not only one song, but TWO!!! And they sang BOTH songs!!! First was My Proud, My Play (the song in the PV) and then Kokoro no Tobira. Both songs are really good and Kamiya and Irino’s voices go well together. Can’t wait for a single release! (There better be one!!)

Lastly, they had all the guests come back out. Okiayu and Yocchin were carrying the KAmiYU tote bags. It looked a little too fitting with Okiayu’s yukata. XDDD Streamers were blast out and like at KiraFes, they had star cutouts come down from the ceiling. I swear one of them was signed or something! Either way, something was written on it while all the others were blank. I’m pretty curious.

KAmiYU was a really fun event and it will be released on DVD, but only sold at Animate and .ANIME. It’ll only be about 200 minutes so my guess is that they will only include one of the events and not both, since the event was a couple hours.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that during the talk session with Okiayu and Onosaka, Kamiya had a huge laughing fit. He literally couldn’t stop laughing/giggling for at least 5 minutes. And you know how his voice gets all high when he really laughs? Yeah, it was ADORABLE. Irino also announced that he’d be releasing his first full album in October.

EDIT2: Read reports of the night event and dude!!! NO FAIR!!! For the PV commentary, they showed my diary. Kamiya was apparently told that his leg hair was too thick and to do something about it by the staff. XDDDDD He has nothing but Toppo inside his fridge…. >__>

And they announced the newest member of Kiramune!! KAKIHARA TETSUYA!! He came out on stage too!! Dude!!! Why didn’t they announce this during the noon event too? That’s so unfair. ;__;


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