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SYLPH 2010/09, CharaHobby goods

July 22nd, 2010


New DGS Hibiki goods to be sold at CharaHobby were announced in the latest issue of SYLPH. These goods include:

  • DGS Hibiki Special Goods Set 2010 (3000 yen)
    Includes float pouch, mini hand towel, A3 clear poster, nail file set w/ pouch, and Teraike scrunchie, all inside a Hibiki shopping bag
  • B3 Big Tapestry (1500 yen)
  • Umi no Ie “HiBiKi” Tokusei Nyaa san Osenbei (1000 yen)
    Includes 5 senbei (rice crackers) and 2 packs of green tea
  • Stacking Mug Cup HiroC Ver. & OnoD Ver. (1000 yen each)
  • Radio Show-Produced Tshirts
    Kamiya Hiroshi produce “Drink Girl Smoke and Violence”
    Ono Daisuke produce “I ♥ DG”
    Do S Kousei Sakka produce “Kokatsu S-O-S!”

More information on the radio show-produced goods will be announced on the radio show. As usual, the ASCII Media Works booth will have a display of DGS good set up.

This issue’s bonus is a little mirror strap of Kuro Nyaa san. Not the best mirror in the world, but you can’t expect too much. Also included in this issue is the form to apply for the public recording at CharaHobby.

The latest chapter of DGS Hibiki has HiroC and OnoD at the beach. They finally get a vacation!? …Not exactly. They are forced by Teraikemen Shireikan to work a food stall to make some small change. Black Hibiki shows up and when HiroC asks Nozomu why they quit Hibiki, Nozomu tells him that as Hibiki, there are some rules that must be followed, and that there will come a time when HiroC and OnoD, too, have to make a decision. We’ll have to find out later what Nozomu means by this.

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