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New DGS Hibiki goods

July 28th, 2010
DGS Hibiki goods

DGS Hibiki goods

Went to Animate in Akihabara where they were selling the newly released DGS Hibiki goods. These goods were released on 7/22, the same day as the September issue of SYLPH.

The new items include a couple clearfiles, and a couple seal mousepads. Both the front and back of the clearfiles are shown in the photo to the left (there are only 2, not 4). The clearfiles retail for 368 yen and the seal mousepads for 315 yen.

I really like the illustrations used for the clearfiles. The ending illustration on one of the mousepads is very nice too. The other one of HiroC and OnoD I’m not too fond of because their fingers are kind of bending up, which looks really unnatural. ^^;

More goods are scheduled to be released August 5th and 26th.


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