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Hareiro Release Commemoration Event – Tokyo

May 11th, 2013

Today was the release commemoration event for Kamiya’s Hareiro in Tokyo. I won the lottery for the first event. I came about half an hour before doors would open and the ID check was a breeze. Instead of passing out a paper after however this time they put a wrist band on you instead to show that you’ve checked in.

When we got into the venue, Hareiro was playing in the background. My seat was on the right side, about 8 or so rows back. It was still pretty close to the stage and as it turns out, my new friend whom I had just met through another friend sat right in front of me, and directly behind me was another friend’s friend, LoL.

Anyway, Hare Nochi Hajimari no Hi started playing and out came Kamiya! He wore an outfit from the jacket cover photo shoot, the white shirt, jeans, and red sneakers. He thanks everyone for coming and all that before diving into the talk show, which was basically looking at behind-the-scene photos and video while Kamiya commented on them. He mentioned that it’s much harder for him to do an event like this than autograph or handshake events, and that it’s not like he enjoys looking at photos of himself and talking. If he had a choice, he would put mosaics all over the photos. ^^;;; The photos covered the following: Harezora Party, KiraFes 2012, Fan Meeting in Okinawa, Kagi no Kakatta Heya, SABA PV/jacket cover shoot and release commemoration events, Hareiro jacket cover shoot and Hare Nochi Hajimari no Hi PV shoot, and lastly KiraFes 2013.

The photos from the PV shoots were great. We got to see Kamiya lying on the bed with the cushion and lying on top of the pool table for the SABA PV. XDDD There was also a photo of him sleeping on the couch during a break which was really cute. There were also photos of Kamiya rehearsing for the dance for Namikawa’s UTAO too. When Kamiya was making a comment about Kagi no Kakatta Heya, it was kind of funny so my friend behind me and I laughed a bit, and Kamiya pointed right at us and said, “You guys over there just laughed, didn’t you.” XDDD Sorry~!!! LoL. For the SABA PV he talked about how the pool table wasn’t level so there were a lot of bad takes where the ball would start rolling. ^^; On the day of the PV shoot for Hare Nochi Hajimari no Hi, it was covered with snow outside and very cold. For KiraFes 2013, he talked about popping up from below, riding the carts, etc. The photos of Namikawa’s performances were funny. XD

After the photos, they showed video of Kamiya’s rehearsal for KiraFes 2013 and also behind the scenes of KiraFes 2013. Kamiya was really cute in some of the scenes. In one of them, he showed the stuff he had in his corner of the dressing room. He had a gold bag that was actually goods from Miyano’s live that he got from Miyano. XD We got to see Kamiya practicing the dance moves for KiraFes, etc. He explained that studio rehearsals are usually about 4 hours long, and then on the day of the event they rehearse again on the real stage to make sure everything is OK. It was really cute seeing Kamiya cheer the other guys on during their rehearsals and dance. For the studio rehearsals when Kamiya was singing a song that didn’t have dancers, the dancers were sitting in a corner and cheering him on. It was cute. XD It turns out that the pop-up mechanism on the stage isn’t mechanical but actually popped up using manpower. On the day of the event when Kamiya went to rehearse, he was wearing a cap and trainer jersey. Apparently he tends to always wear that jersey to all rehearsals. He looked cute in a cap. =3 Since they have all this footage I really wish they would put it on the DVD. The making bonus videos on the KiraFes DVDs are always so short compared to like OrePara. =(

After the video, they had a present lottery, and my friend sitting in front of me actually won! It was a signed Hareiro poster. So jealous~ XD At the very end of the event, Kamiya read some advertisements and then thanked everyone for coming again. After he left the stage, they showed the live reading portion of the Harezora Party event since that wasn’t included on the Hareiro DVD.

We got to see and hear a lot about stuff that goes on behind the scenes which was really interesting. I was also reminded yet again of how well Kamiya can talk. His talks are always fun and interesting, and he’s such a humble and modest guy. For coming to the event, we were given a special event-only bromide on our way out. The photo was different for the first and second events.

Can’t wait for the Kiramune fan meeting event in Sapporo next month! =DDD


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