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Kamiya Hiroshi 20th Anniversary Project

May 12th, 2013

2014 will be Kamiya’s 20th year as a seiyuu so let’s celebrate it with a bang! The project is being organized very early because it will require a lot of time to finish.

The premise
Send Kamiya a yosegaki sign board (shikishi) with messages from fans all over the world. The boards will be divided by country and/or region, and people from that area will write their messages on separate boards. Some areas may have multiple boards depending on the number of participants. This project will require a lot of organization and the cooperation of all participants.

This project is only for passing around a yosegaki sign board. A separate project for letters will be organized later in the year for Kamiya’s birthday.


  • Participation deadline: June 10, 2013
    You must submit the participation form by this date.
  • Final deadline: January 19, 2014
    All boards must be received by me in Japan by this date.


  • Boards must be standard 24.2 x 27.2 cm sized, white in color, and have a gold trim. (See here for an example.)
  • Messages should be about congratulating Kamiya on his 20th anniversary as a seiyuu.
  • Messages may not take up more than 8 x 8 cm. Don’t hog all the space to yourself.
  • Messages may be written in any language, but keep in mind that Kamiya only understands Japanese.
  • Illustrations/stickers/decorations are OK as long as they are PG rated and fit within your 8 x 8 cm space.
  • Please make sure to sign your messages with a name. Either your real name or handle name will be OK.
  • This project will involve providing your email and shipping addresses to people you may not know. You must be comfortable with this in order to participate.
  • This project will involve shipping. You must be able to get to a post office to send mail. All costs will be paid by you.
    Every time I organize a project, there are always a few people who back out. Please do not say you will participate unless you are 100% positive that you will be able to.

There will be several roles in this project. Please choose a role that you can fulfill.

Leader 1 – This person will be in charge of providing the sign boards for their area and will be required to purchase the boards for their area. Boards must be standard 24.2 x 27.2 cm sized, white in color, and have a gold trim. (See here for an example.) Leader 1 will be the first to write their message, then send the board to the next person. They will be required to send a new board out if the current board runs out of space, and will ultimately be in charge of the organization for the boards in their area. That is, they will need to keep in contact with all the participants in the group and make sure everything is going smoothly.

Leader 2 – This person will be in charge of sending all the boards from their area to me when everything is finished (if possible, by EMS to ensure safe delivery). They will be the last to write their message and will be allowed to decorate the boards in any remaining spaces. Leader 2 should be a somewhat artistic or creative person to make the boards look nice.

*** Leader 1 and Leader 2 must be able to communicate in decent English or Japanese since they will need to talk to me. I will choose the leaders. ***

Regular participant – Regular participants will be the people in the middle. They will write their message and then send the board to the next person. If they are the last person to write on the current board, they will send the board to Leader 2. If the next person can purchase a sign board themselves then please do so.


  • Communications will be done via email.
    ** Please be sure that you are comfortable with having other people know your email and shipping addresses.
  • All emails will be sent to everyone in that area’s group.
  • You must send an email to the group to confirm that you have received the board.
  • You must send an email to the group after you have sent the board to the next person.
  • If space runs out on the current board, please email the group and decide with Leader 1 whether Leader 1 will need to send a new board or if the next person can provide a new one.


  • DO NOT lose or damage the boards.
  • The boards must be shipped safely with some kind of stiff backing so that they do not get bent during shipment.
  • If possible, please send the boards to each other via registered mail or with delivery confirmation to make sure they arrive safely.


  • If you have friends or people near you who would like to participate, it is suggested that you meet up to write your messages so the board doesn’t need to be shipped around needlessly.
  • You may organize one board with just your friends if you would like. If you will be providing your own board, you may design and write your messages however you would like and you may disregard the guidelines written above. You will send your finished board directly to Leader 2.
  • I will choose a Leader 1 and Leader 2 for each area after the participation submission deadline.
  • FOR THOSE LIVING IN JAPAN, a separate board will be used to collect messages from foreigners living in Japan. You will sign your name along with your country in your message. I will be Leader 1 for this group, but I will need a volunteer for Leader 2.
  • Please feel free to advertise this project on message boards, etc. in your native language!

Participation form
Please submit this form by June 8, 2013 if you would like to participate.


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