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December 8th, 2014

As announced on the 400th episode of DGS, MOB will be holding a live tour in 2015! The tour will have stops in Kobe and Makuhari. Both performances will be two-day lives. A serial number for an advanced lottery will be included with their debut mini album which will be released on Wednesday.

What is Rock? ~Rock tte Nan Desu ka?~

June 20, 2015 (Sat) 16:30 open / 18:00 start
June 21, 2015 (Sun) 14:30 open / 16:00 start
Venue: Kobe World Memorial Hall

July 11, 2015 (Sat) 16:30 open / 18:00 start
July 12, 2015 (Sun) 14:30 open / 16:00 start
Venue: Makuhari Messe Event Hall

Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke (from “Kamiya Hiroshi-Ono Daisuke no Dear Girl ~Stories~”)

Tickets: Reserved seating 7940 yen (tax in)
Serial code to apply for the advanced lottery will be included with MOB’s major debut mini album, “Masochistic Over Beat” which will be released December 10. The application period is December 20, 2015 (Wed) 12:00 until January 19, 2015 (Mon) 23:59. Each serial code can apply for up to 2 tickets per show for a total of 8 tickets.

IDs will be checked at the venue. The following documents are valid for identification: Driver’s license, school ID, health insurance card, passport, citizen identification card, pension book. Expired documents and photocopies are not valid.


DGS 400 Project — Thanks!

December 2nd, 2014
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the DGS 400 project! We sent them 24 cans of Dr. Pepper, snacks from around the world, and letters and drawings. The package was delivered at Bunka Housou on November 27th. Here’s to hoping all the staff, including Kamiya and OnoD, enjoy all the goodies! ^^

There were a couple or so entries that didn’t arrive in time so I wasn’t able to include them this time around, but I will be sending them in for Christmas. Please get started on your Christmas letters!


DGS #400 Project

November 3rd, 2014
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The 400th episode of DGS is fast approaching! #400 should be airing on December 6. Let’s celebrate and tell the boys how much we love them and their antics when they hit this milestone! This past week’s episode was already #395 so I apologize for organizing this so late. I hope many people will be able to participate!

Project Summary
Send drawings of our favorite DGS memories along with letters and snacks.

What is Allowed
Drawings on a sign board (shikishi/色紙), letters, and snacks from your country.

All submissions must be received by November 23. Again, I’m sorry for organizing this late. Since DGS is recorded two episodes at a time, with my calculation, the 400th episode will be recorded as the second episode on the week of November 23-29 so I’d have to send in the stuff before they record the episode. Read more…


Dear Girl ~Stories~ in C3xHOBBY 2014

September 4th, 2014
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CharaHobby 2014 took place August 23-24 at Makuhari Messe, and this year the DGS public recording took place on the 23rd at 1PM at the main stage. It’s been two years since the last public recording, and the first at CharaHobby since 2011. I got a great spot in line this year and was the first into the stage area when the doors opened in the morning. As usual, I chose a spot to the right side of the stage. It’s a very clear view and pretty close too. DGS was the second stage of the day and most of the people lined up around the stage area were there to wait for it.

1PM rolled around and the stage started off with a maesetsu by Yagihashi kun and Chanko chan. Yagihashi kun would read the warnings and whenever he said not to do something, Chanko chan would do exactly that. ^^; A minute after the maesetsu, cue the music and the screams! Out onto the stage came Kamiya and OnoD. They were wearing the tshirts they produced for the event. OnoD greeted the crowd with his usual “mosu.” Kamiya mentioned that it was their first public recording in two years so they were actually pretty nervous and couldn’t remember how to say the “Dear Girl ~Stories~ in CharaHobby 2014” title call. They yelled out towards all the girls, and then the boys, and there were quite a few boys. Actually there were two outside the stage area in the front row near the center, one wearing a “We <3 DG” shirt and the other wearing a Dandy shirt. I guess they were fans of OnoD. XD The episode’s title was something along the lines of, “This week’s episode brought to you wearing nothing but a baseball cap!” This touched on one of the previous episodes where they were joking that they’ll go on stage with just a baseball cap covering their lower regions. XD

After the commercial break, they asked for a show of hands of those who were attending a DGS public recording for the first time, and also those who were attending an event for the first time. There were quite a number of people who were attending their first event, and OnoD apologized for only wearing a baseball cap. Kamiya then asked, “How do you like our BIG boys?” XD Kamiya then asked OnoD how he was today, referring to his legs, and of course, OnoD had shaved his legs. But because he was wearing boots and jeans, he couldn’t show it to the audience. He also made it clear for the radio listeners that he actually was wearing pants and not just a baseball cap. ^^; The fans were definitely disappointed, and OnoD explained that the only way to show them would be to pull his pants down from above, but if he did that then they wouldn’t be allowed to come back to CharaHobby, hehe.

In the first corner, they introduced the goods they produced for the event. Yagihashi kun came on stage holding the tote bag and all the other goods were attached to it. Before leaving the stage, he gave Kamiya and OnoD each a can of Dr. Pepper.

Since the DGS the week before wasn’t aired due to baseball extra innings, they decided to do some of the projects they did on that episode for the public recording. The mail for that week had to do with festivals. OnoD pointed out that while he remembers the contents of the mail, he doesn’t remember having to pull any ropes. On the stage were two long ropes that led to the side of the stage. Kamiya went first and when he pulled the rope, it was Chanko chan tied to the other end. Chanko chan whispered to Kamiya what his task was, and he had to say a dirty joke that would barely not freak out a girl. Chanko chan then gave Kamiya another can of Dr. Pepper. Kamiya said, “I want to eat mangosteen with you.” Next was OnoD and when he pulled the rope, Yagihashi kun was on the other end. OnoD’s task was to tell a one-line joke relating to CharaHobby. OnoD expressed CharaHobby using his body. First he screamed “kyaa~” like a girl, then did Sinbad’s naked pose for “ra” (which means “naked”), said “hoo~” like he was interested in something, and then in a high voice said “bii—” as if shooting a beam. As always, it was a very visual public recording and those listening on the radio probably had no idea what was going on. XD

Next was the usual video corner. This year they showed video from OnoD’s birthday episode where Kamiya was captured and then they had to solve puzzles. When the video started, Kamiya ran off stage so we all guessed that he was probably changing into something. And sure enough, after the video, Kamiya came back on stage as OnoD’s manager Kamiuchi! He wore a black suit jacket and sunglasses. He came to confirm OnoD’s schedule and wouldn’t listen, saying it would only take a second, as OnoD tried to explain that he was working and that they were on the air. XD Kamiuchi was crazy as usual. OnoD’s schedule included playing a titan in the nude (Shingeki no Kyojin), facing off against a lion (Kuroshitsuji), and because there have been a lot of sports series this year, OnoD would also be starring in “Ono Daisuke no Kuroi Baby Daiya ga Free! de Marumie Pedal!!” (combination of Kuroko no Basket, Baby Steps, Daiya no A, Free, Yowamushi Pedal, and Haikyuu!!). XDDDD For the last one, OnoD would have to pedal on bikes naked so Kamiuchi warned that people might be able to see his “kuroi baby daiya” (black baby diamond, referring to OnoD’s privates), LoL. Also, apparently Kamiya also OK’d all these offers too, to which OnoD told him, “Choose your roles more carefully!” Kamiuchi’s just hilarious.

After Kamiuchi left the stage, OnoD proceed to the next corner which was Dear Voice. Kamiya “returned from the restroom” and they introduced the Dear Voice clips that the crowd would also be participating in. When Kamiya said, “Mou, boku onna no ko ja na~i,” the audience had to respond with, “I’m not a girl.” For OnoD’s voice, he said, “Ore no shiri wa hikaru,” and the audience had to say, “My hip shine!”

Lastly, it was time for an announcement! Every year around October, the show’s theme song is changed, and this year would be no different. However, while Kamiya and OnoD usually sing the theme songs, this year “they” would be singing them: Masochistic Ono Band!! I had the feeling that they would be announcing new songs for the show, but I certainly didn’t imagine that MOB would be the one singing them. And as if that weren’t big enough a surprise, they also announced that the new songs would be recorded on MOB’s major debut mini album! The CD is titled “Masochistic Over Beat” and will be released in December. For the ending, they pointed out how some people were wearing the DGS cap, and OnoD mentioned that he was wearing the ONO-D WILD boxer pants. Apparently some people in the audience were too. ^^; Seeing all the different tshirts people were wearing, it reminded them of all the goods they’ve produced.

And with that, the public recording ended. The huge crowd around the stage area practically disappeared after the DGS public recording ended. Pretty much everyone was there just for that event. ^^;

After I went around the venue and checked out both the KADOKAWA and Bunka Housou Extend booths. At the KADOKAWA booth they had a huge Juri plush with a bunch of little Juri plushies around it. On the head of the big Juri plush was a small Juri plush with glasses and a tie around its forehead like it was drunk. So cute. X3 The Bunka Housou Extend booth had a display of a bunch of items used during the filming of Ace of Asia including the outfits worn by Kamiya and OnoD during the PV, the masks worn by the rival air band, and more.

Before leaving, my friends and I spotted a small line at an area close to the restrooms and it turns out that UchiP was holding an autograph session! My friends and I lined up and when it was our turn, we had him sign the back board of the can badges. Everyone had plenty of time to talk to him, and we talked to him about his trip to France and stuff. Apparently he’s pretty tall, even by European standards. XD Nice guy. It was a good end to a great day. I passed out after getting home. XD


Dear Boy Matsuri event report

December 13th, 2013
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The Dear Boy Matsuri event took place on November 24 in Misato, Saitama. As the name suggests, the event was limited to boys only at the actual venue. We girls were not allowed and had to settle for a live viewing.

In the morning I stopped by the theater to buy goods. There was no line at all and I was able to get all the stuff I wanted with ease. Chuckled when a few young boys were looking at the goods and wondering what the heck they were for. ^^; Went home for a few hours before returning for the start of the event. The seats I had were in a great location. It was the first row  between the front block of seats and the rear so the walkways was in front of me and I had a lot of leg room. My seats were pretty much dead center too. If it only weren’t for the two loud, obnoxious high school girls to my left… -____-

Yagihashi kun, dressed up as “Misatoman,” was in charge of the maesetsu. He wore a body suit with the OnoD Wild boxer pants and a mask that had “Misato” written on the forehead (think Kinnikuman). The only warning was that even though there are no girls at the venue, they are not allowed to dress like him (underwear only). Yagihashi kun had the audience yell out, “Hi~! Fu~! Mi~sato!” Chanko chan then came out and reprimanded Yagihashi kun for his lukewarm maesetsu and the fact that they can’t understand what he’s saying with the mask on. He then attacked Yagihashi kun with a Bear Claw and exclaimed that up until now, he was the one who was in charge of the maesetsu. Helpless on the stage, the boys started chanting “Misatoman” to which Yagihashi responded to and said the event would be starting soon.

Read more…