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Music charts, Dear Girl Sanda

October 9th, 2010
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Oricon Singles Daily 2010/09/30

Daily 9/30

The newest single from Dear Girl ~Stories~, Dear Girl wa Nemuranai, has ranked in on the Oricon Music Chart. Oricon gathers its sales data from over 25,000 retailers, making it one of the best sales statistic sites. Dear Girl wa Nemuranai debuted on the Daily Singles chart at #10 on its release day, then climbed to #5 the next day, and fell to #9 the day after. On the Weekly Singles chart, it debuted at #13, DGS’ best ever weekly Oricon ranking. (Netsuai S-O-S! has ranked in at #15 on the weekly chart.) According to the OtaSuke website, the single only needed about 500 more sales to make it to #10 on the weekly chart. Ranking in the top 10 on Oricon’s

Billboard JAPAN 2010/10/04

Billboard 10/4

weekly chart is a huge feat. Though Dear Girl wa Nemuranai fell a bit short, it is still hard to get into the top 20 and ranking in at #13 doesn’t negate the fact that this single has produced the best sales DGS has ever had.

Aside from Oricon, Dear Girl wa Nemuranai also ranked in at #1 on Billboard JAPAN’s Top Independent Albums and Singles chart, updated October 4th. It’s quite amazing to see a DGS CD rank in so high on the most prestigious music charts. It shows just how much popularity and influence this radio show has. Yeah, don’t forget– This is a radio show!

Dear Girl Sanda at Family Mart

DG Sanda

In other news, Dear Girl Sanda is now being sold at Family Mart convenient stores all over Japan (except Miyagi-ken, Kagoshima-ken, and Okinawa; Hokkaido pending investigation). They were supposed to go on sale Monday, October 4 but it seems none of the stores had them out yet. The next day, I checked a Family Mart in Akihabara, and it was already sold out! I guess that’s what you expect from Akihabara though… The day after I checked a Family Mart near my station and they had it! Yay~! There aren’t many Family Marts where I live; there are mostly 7-11s, so it’s kind of unfortunate that Dear Girl Sanda is only sold at FamiMa.

Mountain of Dear Girl Sanda


Yesterday, pre-orders for Dear Girl Sanda were available for pick-up at Animate, so I went and got my two boxes with bonus postcard. Shortly after I got home, the delivery man came with my order from the Chou! A&G Shop with four more boxes of Dear Girl Sanda! (Two are for a friend.) There is also a bonus postcard you can receive from Chou! A&G Shop if you buy two boxes. Since I bought four, I received two postcards, which was a bit surprising since I thought you only get one per order. Well, I’m not complaining!

PS Two more weeks til the DGS movie!!

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DGS goods info

September 26th, 2010
DGS plushies


DGS accessories


More Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki goods are due out December 16! The new goods include plushies (!) of HiroC and OnoD, accessories (necklaces), and a locket key holder. Preorders can already be made at Animate stores as well as through Animate’s online store. ACOS, Animate’s cosplay line, will also be selling HiroC and OnoD cosplays. DGS just keeps coming out with more and more goods!!

By popular demand, Dear Girl Sanda will be on sale again starting early October. Preorders for boxes of 20 can be made at Animate and Chou! A&G Shop. As with last time, purchases of two boxes from either place will include a bonus postcard. The postcard design is different for each, and they are different from last time’s.

CCP goods from CharaHobby are also now available through online mail-order. The tshirts are available at Chou! A&G Shop and the character goods are available at Dengekiya.

DGS movie maeuriken


Advanced ticket sales at the special price for the DGS movie went on sale yesterday and sold out. A friend caught the first train to Ikebukuro and already there was a huge line. The only special thing about these tickets is the photo on it (as opposed to a regular movie ticket) and that it’s 300 yen cheaper than a ticket at-door. You would still have to line up to trade the ticket in at the theater. The popularity of DGS is craaaaaaaazy!

And don’t forget! The new DGS OP/ED single, Dear Girl wa Nemuranai, goes on sale September 29!! The full version of the songs have been playing inside Animate stores for a while now and I can honestly say that Kiseki is my favorite of all the DGS songs thus far.


Due to the author’s personal reasons, this month’s SYLPH does not include a chapter of Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki. However, there is a report on the public recording at CharaHobby. Next month’s issue will include a sample drama CD for DGS Hibiki -Black Hibiki Hen-.

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New DGS Hibiki goods

July 28th, 2010
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DGS Hibiki goods

DGS Hibiki goods

Went to Animate in Akihabara where they were selling the newly released DGS Hibiki goods. These goods were released on 7/22, the same day as the September issue of SYLPH.

The new items include a couple clearfiles, and a couple seal mousepads. Both the front and back of the clearfiles are shown in the photo to the left (there are only 2, not 4). The clearfiles retail for 368 yen and the seal mousepads for 315 yen.

I really like the illustrations used for the clearfiles. The ending illustration on one of the mousepads is very nice too. The other one of HiroC and OnoD I’m not too fond of because their fingers are kind of bending up, which looks really unnatural. ^^;

More goods are scheduled to be released August 5th and 26th.


SYLPH 2010/09, CharaHobby goods

July 22nd, 2010
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New DGS Hibiki goods to be sold at CharaHobby were announced in the latest issue of SYLPH. These goods include:

  • DGS Hibiki Special Goods Set 2010 (3000 yen)
    Includes float pouch, mini hand towel, A3 clear poster, nail file set w/ pouch, and Teraike scrunchie, all inside a Hibiki shopping bag
  • B3 Big Tapestry (1500 yen)
  • Umi no Ie “HiBiKi” Tokusei Nyaa san Osenbei (1000 yen)
    Includes 5 senbei (rice crackers) and 2 packs of green tea
  • Stacking Mug Cup HiroC Ver. & OnoD Ver. (1000 yen each)
  • Radio Show-Produced Tshirts
    Kamiya Hiroshi produce “Drink Girl Smoke and Violence”
    Ono Daisuke produce “I ♥ DG”
    Do S Kousei Sakka produce “Kokatsu S-O-S!”

More information on the radio show-produced goods will be announced on the radio show. As usual, the ASCII Media Works booth will have a display of DGS good set up.

This issue’s bonus is a little mirror strap of Kuro Nyaa san. Not the best mirror in the world, but you can’t expect too much. Also included in this issue is the form to apply for the public recording at CharaHobby.

The latest chapter of DGS Hibiki has HiroC and OnoD at the beach. They finally get a vacation!? …Not exactly. They are forced by Teraikemen Shireikan to work a food stall to make some small change. Black Hibiki shows up and when HiroC asks Nozomu why they quit Hibiki, Nozomu tells him that as Hibiki, there are some rules that must be followed, and that there will come a time when HiroC and OnoD, too, have to make a decision. We’ll have to find out later what Nozomu means by this.

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Black Hibiki cast, new DGS goods

June 23rd, 2010
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The cast of Black Hibiki was revealed in the latest August issue of SYLPH (released 6/22). Sakuya will be voiced by Okiayu Ryoutarou and Nozomu by Yonaga Tsubasa. A release date has still yet to be announced for the new drama CD. This issue’s bonus includes a mascot figure strap of OnoD. Very cute! The detail on it is quite amazing.

More DGS goods will be released in July and August. Included are new fastener accessories, clear files, mini clocks, seal mousepads, and more! They will be available at anime shops and Animate. Preorders are already open at the Animate Online Shop and Movic. Personally I think it would have been nice if they used new illustrations instead of recycled images from the game and previous goods.

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